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3Shape Model Maker
3Shape Model Maker — Software Updates
What's new: improvement and changes

Model Maker 2022.1

NEW 3Shape Produce

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DGSHAPE technology ensures predictable, high-quality production of your dental restorations, day in and day out.
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3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanner and 3Shape Studio apps* users can now automatically convert their digital impressions to dental models. The new Model Maker solution takes advantage of an automated workflow powered by AI- technology to convert your scans to models in minutes. 3Shape Model Maker is only available from the 3Shape Unite platform.

*3Shape Model Maker is included with the following 3Shape solutions: TRIOS, TRIOS Design Studio, Splint Studio, and Implant Studio.


NEW Printable model with one click

Model Maker creates dental models in minutes with a simple and easy workflow powered AI technology. The model is automatically generated from the TRIOS scans with a single click and includes key-features to optimize your 3D printing:

  • ‘Hollowing’ for optimizing use of resin*
  • ‘Drain holes’ ensuring a good printing experience*
  • ‘Bevels’ to the base structure of the dental model to ensure that models can be removed easily from the build platform of most common 3D printers. 

*The algorithm will create a model with hollowing and drain-holes. In some instances, i.e., when users do quadrant scans instead of full arch scans, the algorithm will choose to create a solid model to ensure mechanical stability.

NEW Automated workflow using AI-powered technology

A powerful AI-powered algorithm in the cloud converts TRIOS scans to .STL files which can then be exported and produced. The algorithm ensures a fully automated workflow requiring no input from the user. Just initiate the workflow with the upper and lower scan. Generating a model can take a couple of minutes depending on factors including your local internet speed. While waiting to receive a model, users can exit the workflow using the ‘home’ button and continue to work on other cases.

NEW 3Shape Unite actions

Model Maker 2022.1 is accessed from the 3Shape Unite platform. Users can enter their workflow either from scratch as ‘new action’ in their TRIOS scanning workflow or by selecting relevant scans and images in the patient media library to create a model from these.

Launch Model Maker using ‘Model Maker’ action
Launch Model Maker directly from the media library

Inspect model using the Cross Section tool

Users can export the dental model directly as .STL files or inspect the model first using the Cross Section tool and opacity sliders.

Full arch dental model optimized for 3D printing
Inspection using the Cross Section tool
Progress overview

Users can verify if a model has finished generating by going to the Model Maker case. When the model is received, users can export the model by pressing ‘open’ case and continue the ‘next’ step.

Model generating seen on the workflow overview page
Model received and ready to be exported


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Implant Studio updates

Improvements and changes in the Implant Studio software.

Splint Studio updates

Improvements and changes in the Splint Studio software.

TRIOS software updates

Improvements and changes in the 3Shape TRIOS software.

TRIOS Design Studio updates

Improvements and changes in the TRIOS Design Studio software.

Unite software updates

Improvements and changes in the Unite software.

Model Maker is intended for the use in clinics, and 3Shape therefore reserves the right to enforce a fair usage policy, limiting the number of models that can be process to 100 model per month.