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TRIOS Smile Design — Software updates

What's new: improvement and changes

TRIOS Smile Design 21.2

November 2021

TRIOS Smile Design 21.2 for Dental Desktop 1.7.27.

Available for 3Shape Unite

Smile Design 21.2 delivers new design notes with automatic measurements, a revamped user interface, smart library suggestions and various performance improvements.

New automatic design notes

Design notes in Smile Design have been improved by introducing new automatic measurements based on a single calibration measurement. You can now place automated measurements and explanatory annotations for quick and easy communication.

automatic design notes Smile Design

Smart Library Suggestions

This new feature uses artificial intelligence to quickly give you smart suggestions for smile libraries that are a natural fit for your patient. This can help you to easily find the best libraries to base your smile designs on. It works for both, the patient’s upper and lower jaws.

Smart Library Suggestions in Smile Design

Revamped left panel interface

The design of the left panel has been revamped to support touch screen users and provide faster and easier access to the full toolkit available in each step. You are now able to collapse each category within the left panel to free up screen space if needed.

Revamped left panel interface in Smile Design

Technical improvements

Various technical improvements have been implemented, with Smile Design now offering better recognition of the patient’s teeth and an overall faster performance of the software.

Resolved Issues

Needing a TRIOS scan to send

For Dental Desktop 1.6.8 and higher, sending the smile design to the patient via the My3Shape app no longer requires a TRIOS scan associated with the case.

Sending large cases using “compress photo"

The issue with sending cases with many large, high-quality images has been mitigated by introducing a default “compress photo” option. This option reduces the outputs size without significantly impacting the quality

Sending to the patient only

It is now possible to send to patients only via the ‘My3Shape’ mobile app without additional steps.

Handling wrongly rotated photos

Importing and proceeding with photos that are rotated, for example with the patient face upside down or 90 degrees left or right, does not create an error. Instead, the photo’s rotation can be manually correct using the handle control located to the upper right corner of the photos.

Discoloration of central upper incisors

An issue with the upper centrals being discolored relative to the rest of the simulated teeth has been resolved.

Bugs with FAB smile library popups fixed

An issue with the popup showing the smile donor faces when resizing the 3DD window and when the system is locked is resolved.



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