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New free-to-use teeth library added to 3Shape Dental System denture module

Why 3Shape TRIOS 4 is so much more than an intraoral scanner

What’s new in 3Shape software for dental practices and labs?

TRIOS exclusive workflow for ClearCorrect clear aligners

Tune in to Teledentistry at the 3Shape Total Tech Week

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Aspen Dental Management Partners with 3Shape to Accelerate the Digital Transformation at Aspen Dental Practices Nationwide

3Shape Files US Patent Infringement Complaint Related To Focus Scanning, Color Scanning, Infrared Imaging And Motion Sensing Against Align Technology

Judge rules in favor of 3Shape and denies dismissal of Lawsuit Against Align Technology for Alleged Abuse of Monopoly Power

3Shape wins once again in the ITC - Align Technology vs 3Shape

Align Technology backs out of patent infringement cases against 3Shape

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