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Life just got so much easier for labs with the launch of Automate

Four days left to watch on-demand the amazing 3Shape Navigate sessions

Stellar session lineup for 3Shape Navigate

Everything you need to know to make a great start with digital dentistry

FullContour integrated into 3Shape

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Press releases

Be the first to know with 3Shape Unfold - free online event

Meet 3Shape Automate – World’s first AI powered design service for labs

Your digital dentistry adventure starts here! 3Shape Navigate – a two-day virtual event

Aspen Dental Management Partners with 3Shape to Accelerate the Digital Transformation at Aspen Dental Practices Nationwide

3Shape Files US Patent Infringement Complaint Related To Focus Scanning, Color Scanning, Infrared Imaging And Motion Sensing Against Align Technology

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For information about press releases and news contact Bruce Mendel


For information about media relations, advertising or promotional opportunities contact Jane Creek
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