3Shape TRIOS 3

Engage and excite your patients

Stay ahead of the game. Combine award-winning TRIOS® scan technology with next-level patient communication tools and a broad range of in-house production possibilities to help you Go Beyond SCANNING®. The 3Shape TRIOS® 3 intraoral scanner has it all.

Go beyond scanning

Superior technology and apps

TRIOS 3 offers so much more than just a digital impression. It provides award-winning wireless scan technology and the unrivalled open TRIOS ecosystem with total integration to your preferred partners for all indications. Combine this with a software suite and start exciting patients about proposed treatment, reduce chair time, and offer new treatment opportunities. 


Wireless innovation

Scan unrestricted by wires, optimizing comfort for both you and your patients and making scanning easier. 

Excitement apps

Excite patients by bringing treatment outcomes to life, and advance case acceptance like never before!

Studio apps 

Grow your business with a choice of software solutions to design and produce in-house and start offering same-day dentistry.

What you should know about quality

We've collected and summarized clinical studies comparing intraoral scanners and conventional workflows, and put together an information-packed webinar on the stages of going digital for you. Get access to resources like these now!


Bring scans and expected outcomes up-close

Excite your patients by displaying their scans and proposed treatment designs up close. With the 3Shape TRIOS® MOVE® and MOVE+, you can always position the screen and scanner in the right place for optimal viewing, patient comfort and ergonomics. 

excitement apps

TRIOS Smile Design
TRIOS Treatment Simulator
TRIOS Patient Monitoring

Show patients their future smiles

Show patients their future smiles

Simply take a photo of your patient's face, easily design their new beautiful smile in minutes and share it with your patient. Smile Design lets you send smile designs directly to your patient’s phone so they can share with friends and family. 

Grow orthodontic case acceptance

Grow orthodontic case acceptance

Scan your patient and show them their present dentition compared to the simulated results of orthodontic treatment. TRIOS Treatment Simulator helps you gain case approval.

Gain preventative insights

Gain preventative insights

Scan every patient every time to accurately track changes in teeth and build a comprehensive patient digital library that can be relevant for diagnosis in the future. Share visual monitoring information with your patient to co-diagnose together and understand the different changes in treatment. TRIOS Patient Monitoring lets you start with preventative care. 

Progress over two years

In-house design and production

Gain profitable in-house production options with an array of TRIOS software, accessories and integrations to grow your business and offer attractive same-day dentistry services. 

TRIOS Design Studio®

Design and produce a broad range of indications, including standard and screw-retained crowns*, inlays, veneers and three-unit bridges.

Implant Studio®

Plan, design and print custom surgical guides and temporary screw-retained crowns* in one workflow.

Splint Studio®*

Design and produce splints, night guards, protectors and similar dental appliances with a simple, fast and intuitive workflow.

Clear Aligner Studio®

Access a complete solution that enables you to design and produce clear aligners in your clinic, with a high return on investment potential.

Indirect Bonding Studio®

Plan bracket placement, and design and produce transfer media for indirect bonding.

want more?

If you want to Go Beyond TREATMENT with our most advanced intraoral scanner ever, explore the 3Shape TRIOS 4 with caries detection aid* and patient monitoring tools. 
TRIOS 3 Basic

Go Beyond 

Go Beyond

Go Beyond

  • Superior scanning technology
  • Unrivalled open system
  • Superior scanning technology
  • Unrivalled open system
  • Patient excitement apps
  • In-house design and production
  • Superior scanning technology
  • Unrivalled open system
  • Patient excitement apps
  • In-house design and production
  • Caries diagnostic aid and monitoring tools*
  • Preventative care possibilities

Need more information?

Get our latest insights on intraoral scanning, how it compares to conventional impressions, and what it can be used for. We're passionate about digital dentistry and we love to share.
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*TRIOS Diagnostic Aid software, Splint Studio and Abutment Design for design of screw retained crowns are not cleared by the FDA for clinical use in the US.
Contact your reseller regarding availability of 3Shape products in your region or country.
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