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Scan and Plan: Splint Studio
Dr. Jonathan Ng

Teeth clenching and grinding can lead to a variety of serious health problems, including headaches, jaw pain, and broken teeth. During today's pandemic, researchers and medical experts are seeing a rise in pandemic-related anxiety leading to clenching, grinding, and, in some cases, damaged teeth. Splints and occlusal guards protect help prevent bruxism and is a vital part of protection for teeth, while also helping to maintain the integrity of restorative and orthodontic work.

Join Dr. Jonathan Ng as he discusses the benefits and ROI of 3D printing splints and night guards in-office. Dr. Ng will also walk through the steps of the digital workflow and what materials and techniques to consider depending on the patient case.

This webinar also covers:
• Splint Studio software and important design guidelines to follow
• How to save time and money by printing in-office
• Best practices for cleaning and post-processing


Speaker: Dr. Jonathan Ng

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Scan and Plan: TRIOS Design Studio
Dr. David Guichet
General Practice

Traditional methods of creating treatment plans and restorations have been replaced by digital processes and with this, dentistry has forever changed. In addition to advances in Intra-oral & laboratory scanning, newer software platforms for digital diagnostics and restoration design allow for local CAD/CAM production. Also self-contained milling and printing capabilities have accelerated this trend. Simultaneously, restorative materials have been introduced that have excellent strength and esthetic qualities. Integration of these capabilities creates opportunities for enhanced restorative performance, decreased costs, shortened treatment times, and improved practice efficiency.

This presentation will focus on elements of the digital workflow including, digital treatment using digital workflows, digital smile design, local milling and same day delivery. Also CAD/CAM abutment and restorative designs will be presented in the context of new possibilities for efficient and predictable esthetic restorative outcomes.

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Discover the new version of 3Shape Clear Aligner Studio!
Tim Trækjær

This webinar is for everyone who is considering or is already designing clear aligners in your lab! During this session you will hear about the newest version of 3Shape's Clear Aligner Studio and how the new features help increase productivity and save time & money.
You will see a LIVE demo and learn:
How to create clear aligners with 3Shape Clear Aligner Studio 
Which are the new features and how to use them
Tips and tricks 
There will be dedicated time in the end to answer your questions!

Tim Trækjær - 3Shape Senior Product Manager
Sune Nørregaard, CDT - 3Shape Training & Application Specialist

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3Shape エキスパートWebトーク ~ユーザーの疑問・質問にお答えします~
Takahiro Tsuji, Hitoshi Shimoda, Takeshi Fujimatsu
General Practice

"今回のウェビナーでは、「3Shape エキスパートWebトーク ~ユーザーの疑問・質問にお答えします~」と題して、日ごろお使いの3Shape Dental SystemやTRIOSに関する
疑問・質問に関して、3Shape Global KOLである藤松先生・辻先生にお答えいただきます。


Takeshi Fujimatsu - President, S.T.F Co., Ltd

Takahiro Tsuji - President, dental BiOVISION

Hitoshi Shimoda - Training & Application Specialist, 3Shape Japan


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Como obter o máximo de adaptação do meu escaneamento para prótese? Insights e dicas de quem está fazendo.
Dr. Carlos Archangelo, Lígia Bueno

Você tem dúvidas se está obtendo uma boa adaptação dos seus tratamentos de reabilitação oral? Aqui o Dr Carlos Carchangelo irá compartilhar dicas sobre  preparação, preparo,dicas de escaneamento para que você tenha peças adaptadas e um resultado final satisfatório.


Dr Carlos Archangelo - external speaker

Lígia Bueno  - 3Shape Training & Application Specialist, moderator

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Case studies

There is no substitute for learning from real-life situations. See CAD/CAM dentistry at its finest in a wide range of case studies published by dentists across the world.

Model-free onlays and crown for lower right quadrant

Dr. Watt starts workflow with IO scan for the design of onlays for lower right first and second molars and lower right second premolar and crown for the lower right first premolar.

Upper full arch rehabilitation using 3D printed temporary restorations

Dr. Mak used digital software and tools to rehabilitate the upper arch with a combination of crowns and implant retained restorations.

Model-free immediate implant placement and restoration

Dr. Choi’s case demonstrates an immediate implant placement restoration with a temporary crown using a full digital workflow and model-free approach.

Digital denture workflow for a fully edentulous patient

This case demonstrates the advantages of the digital denture workflow when compared with an analog workflow.

Clinical studies

3Shape TRIOS® has been included in a wealth of externally funded clinical studies. These studies focus on everything from accuracy to comparing conventional and digital, as well as full-arch, in-vitro and in-vivo.

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