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CAD/CAM dentistry constantly evolves. Regardless where your practice or lab is on your digital journey, this is your springboard to the next level. Learn from clinical studies, practitioners, our own specialists and partners. Explore the different types of educational material below. Learn something new today.

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Dental System - Implantatbrücke (Toronto Brücke)
Tue, Sep 22, 10:00 CEST
Thomas Riehl

Erstellung des Auftrags
Gingiva Gestaltung
Fragen und Antworten 

Thomas Riehl, ZTM - Traning & Application Specialist


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Immediate Dentures – how to achieve 100% Success!
Tue, Sep 22, 18:00 CEST
Esther Schwenning, Carson Law, Taras Kucher
An inside look at how you can achieve 100% success with digital immediate dentures using the Bellus3D and TRIOS. We will run you through our clinical workflow and then deep dive into the lab design and manufacturing process. You will get an overview of the end-to-end workflow for producing perfect digital immediate dentures.

Esther Schwenning - Denturist practicing in Prince George, BC, Canada, external speaker

Carson Law - Denturist, Northern Lights Denture Clinic, external speaker

Taras Kucher - 3Shape Product Manager, moderator

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3Shape - Dental System 2020
Wed, Sep 23, 11:00 CEST
Andreas Höflsauer

Vorstellung des 3Shape Dental System 2020
Live-Demonstration der Neuheiten

Andreas Höflsauer, ZTM - 3Shape Training & Application Specialist

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3Shape - Implant Studio 2020
Wed, Sep 23, 13:00 CEST
Andreas Höflsauer
Vorstellung des 3Shape Implant Studio 2020
Live-Demonstration der Neuheiten

Andreas Höflsauer, ZTM - 3Shape Training & Application Specialist

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Why digital impressions are the core of modern dentistry
Wed, Sep 23, 19:00 CEST
Dr. Mark Bowes, Dr. Jan Paulics
General Practice

Join this webinar to learn what happens when you introduce intraoral impressions into everyday restorative dentistry. We will cover digital treatments and:
Treatment planning
All aspects of actual treatment
Post-treatment evaluation 
Patient monitoring

Dr. Mark Bowes - Enamel Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry owner and director, South Africa

Mark has been a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists since 1997, and is a speaker for ITI. In 2010 he founded the South African Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry for which he is now Past President. He was the Congress President for the World International Federation of Esthetic Dentistry (IFED) held in Cape Town in 2015. In 2018 he founded the Digital Dentistry Society of South Africa for which he is President.

Dr. Jan Paulics - 3Shape Senior Clinical Specialist, Denmark

Jan has practiced in both municipal and private dental clinics specializing in implant surgery and dentoalveolar surgery. He also worked for Swedish state as project manager for acquiring and implementing practice management solutions. Jan is currently a Senior Clinical Specialist at 3Shape. He continues to lecture for implant manufacturers and dental laboratories. 


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Guided implant surgery with 3Shape Implant Studio and Biohorizon implant systems
Wed, Sep 23, 19:30 AEST
Dr. Dan Brener, Richard Schuhmacher
In this highly requested webinar, Dr Brener will show how using 3Shape Implant Studio and the Biohorizon implant system will improve your:
• Treatment efficiency and predictability
• Collaboration and data sharing
• Patient acceptance
There will be a live demonstration, case study and Q&A session.


Dr. Dan Brener - Specialist Prosthodontist and heads the Brener Clinic in Sydney, Clinical Associate Professor, Restorative and Reconstructive Dentistry Faculty of Medicine and Health (FMH)  at The University of Sydney
Richard Schuhmacher - 3Shape Training and Application Specialist

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3Shape/Asiga: le combo parfait pour l’esthétique
Thu, Sep 24, 18:00 CEST
Gaetan Rigaud Jerome Barraco Denis Hamant
General Practice

Maîtrisez l'esthétique grâce au logiciel 3Shape Dental System et à l'imprimante Asiga MAX.

Gaëtan Rigaud - laboratoire CL-lab
Jérôme Barraco - formateur 3Shape
Denis Hamant - Kreos

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Indirektes Kleben – schneller, präziser und effizienter?
Fri, Sep 25, 10:30 CEST
Dr. Florian Boldt, Lukas Jacob

Können Sie schneller, präziser und effizienter durch das indirekte Kleben in ihrer Praxis arbeiten?
Dr. Florian Boldt beantwortet Ihnen diese Fragen. Er stellt Patientenfälle vor, teilt seine Anwendungserfahrung, erläutert mit Hilfe unseres Anwendungsspezialisten die digitale Planung. Außerdem thematisiert er die Patientenzufriedenheit, Zeitersparnis und Präzision der indirekten Bracket-Platzierung.  

Dr. Florian Boldt – Speaker/ Orthodontist
Lukas Jacob – Training & Applications Specialist

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3Shape Q&A - Dental Systen - Wir beantworten Ihre Fragen
Tue, Sep 29, 13:00 CEST
Andreas Höflsauer

Stellen Sie uns in diesem interaktiven Webinar Ihre Fragen zur Anwendung von 3Shape Dental System. Zur besseren Vorbereitung schicken Sie uns Ihre Fragestellung bitte vorab per E-Mail an [email protected] Bitte beachten Sie, dass in diesem Webinar keine technischen Supportfragen beantwortet werden können und auch keine Aufschaltung auf Ihren Rechner möglich sein wird.

Andreas Höflsauer, ZTM - 3Shape Training & Application Specialist

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All you need to know about LMS integration
Tue, Sep 29, 15:00 CEST
Rafael Galiakberow, Olga Varenyk
Join this webinar to learn more about the Lab Management System (LMS) integration which will be introduced with Dental System 2020. 
In this webinar you will learn: 
- The need of lab management system
- Which lab management systems are integrated with 3Shape Dental System
- How to setup the integration

Rafael Galiakberow - 3Shape Product Manager
Olga Varenyk - 3Shape Technical Account Manager

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Contemporary digital prosthodontics: Solving clinical problems with fixed prosthetics
Tue, Sep 29, 16:00 CEST
Dr. Theodoros Tasopoulos, Dr. George Kouveliotis, Dr. Jan Paulics

Join this webinar and get up to speed on digital prosthodontics and restoring real-life smiles. 

We will cover:
An overview of in-office dental CAD/CAM systems
3Shape TRIOS IOS workflow
3Shape TRIOS IOS accuracy, precision and predictability 
Pathways for optimal scan strategies
Amiable 3Shape applications: Smile Design and patient’s specific motion come across Bellus 3D Dental Pro
Going beyond the stereotypes of clinical dentistry
Integration of 3Shape TRIOS in clinical prosthodontics
Digital restorative solutions in fixed prosthodontics

Dr. Theodoros Tasopoulos - Owner of clinic in Athens, Prosthodontist , Greece

Theodoros graduated from the University of Athens and continued his studies at the University of Bristol (United Kingdom), where he received his Master’s degree in Prosthetic Dentistry. Dr. Tasopoulos is the author of specialist publications in the field of Prosthodontics and Dental Materials. Furthermore, he conducts continuing education courses in the field of digital restorative dentistry, mouthguards and splint therapy. He has been practicing in his own clinic in Athens, since 2008

Dr. George Kouveliotis - Owner of clinic in Athens, Prosthodontist, Greece

For the last seven years George is a clinical assistant of the Department of Prosthodontics in University of Athens. Dr. Kouveliotis is member of several scientific societies and co-director of ITI Study Club in Athens. He has several publications in the field of digital dentistry, prosthodontics and dental materials. Moreover, he is lecturing in continuous education seminars concerning digital dentistry and prosthodontics.

Dr. Jan Paulics - 3Shape Senior Clinical Specialist, Denmark

Jan has practiced in both municipal and private dental clinics specializing in implant surgery and dentoalveolar surgery. He also worked for Swedish state as project manager for acquiring and implementing practice management solutions. Jan is currently a Senior Clinical Specialist at 3Shape. He continues to lecture for implant manufacturers and dental laboratories. 

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Wed, Sep 30, 19:00 TST
Takeshi Fujimatsu, Hitoshi Shimoda
General Practice


Takeshi Fujimatsu - President, S.T.F Co., Ltd.
Hitoshi Shimoda - Training and Application Specialist, 3Shape Japan


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Thu, Oct 1, 20:00 TST
T. Yamaba, T. Tsuji, N. Takahashi
General Practice

 3Shape communicateの活用方法。

Toru Yamaba - Director, Yamaba Dental Clinic
Takahiro Tsuji - President, dental BiOVISION
Naoya Takahashi - Business Development Manager, 3Shape Japan

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Guided implant surgery with 3Shape and Neoss implants
Wed, Oct 7, 18:30 AEST
Dr. Christopher Barker, Michael McGrath
Let Dr. Christopher Barker and Michael McGrath guide you through the complete process of a guided implant surgery case.
You will learn the whole process, starting from the planning of the implant, to guide manufacture and finally a demonstration of placing the implant using the Neoss guide kit, which is designed to simplify surgery and create predictable treatment outcomes.


Dr. Christopher Barker - Periodontist, president of the Australian Osseointegration Society (AOS), director of Sunshine Coast branch of the International Team for Implantology (ITI), Australia
Michael McGrath - DCT, Director of Cosmetic Dental Design, Australia

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Work remotely with 3Shape Dental System
Thu, Oct 8, 15:00 CEST
M. Smith, O. Varenyk, M. Bergenser

Have you ever wanted to be able to connect to your Dental System from home or another location? 

In this webinar we will demonstrate how to set up your PC and Dental System to be able to work remotely.

Mark Smith - 3Shape Product Manager, moderator

Olga Varenyk - 3Shape Technical Account Manager DACH

Miriam Bergenser - 3Shape Technical Account Manager

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Case studies

There is no substitute for learning from real-life situations. See CAD/CAM dentistry at its finest in a wide range of case studies published by dentists across the world.

Onlays and crown for lower right quadrant using model-free ...

Dr. Watt starts workflow with IO scan for the design of onlays for lower right first and second molars and lower right second premolar and crown for the lower right first premolar.

Upper full arch rehabilitation using 3D printed temporary restorations

Dr. Mak used digital software and tools to rehabilitate the upper arch with a combination of crowns and implant retained restorations.

Immediate implant placement and restoration using a model-free...

Dr. Choi’s case demonstrates an immediate implant placement restoration with a temporary crown using a full digital workflow and model-free approach.

Digital denture workflow for a fully edentulous patient

This case demonstrates the advantages of the digital denture workflow when compared with an analog workflow.

Clinical studies

3Shape TRIOS® has been included in a wealth of externally funded clinical studies. These studies focus on everything from accuracy to comparing conventional and digital, as well as full-arch, in-vitro and in-vivo.

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Blog Posts

How to price and find the best intraoral scanner - Dr. Mark McOmie`s insights

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Digital vs. analog impression taking - which one is the safest in a post-Covid-19 world?

Clinical Research Dept.

My 3Shape TRIOS is much more than an intraoral scanner

Dr. Jonathan L. Ferencz



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