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Dicas de escaneamento com TRIOS – fluxos diversos
Wed, Dec 2, 19:00 SAST
Danilo Calciolari
General Practice

O escaneamento de casos simples com TRIOS já está consagrado e possui eficácia comprovada, porém alguns fluxos avançados ainda são desafio para muitos usuários. Venha conhecer algumas dicas sobre como obter um melhor escaneamento em pacientes ou em modelos de gesso com TRIOS, utilizando algumas técnicas diferenciadas! Faça suas perguntas ao vivo!

Danilo Calciolari - 3Shape Training & Application Specialist


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Wed, Dec 2, 19:00 TST
Takeshi Fujimatsu, Hitoshi Shimoda
General Practice


Takeshi Fujimatsu - President, S.T.F Co., Ltd.

Hitoshi Shimoda - Training and Application Specialist, 3Shape Japan


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TRIOS 4 - 最もパワフルな口腔内スキャナー
Thu, Dec 3, 13:00 TST
Ubaidus Sobhan
General Practice

これまでで最も先進的なこのスキャナーを使用することにより、これまでの歯科診療を超えていくことができます。 バッテリー寿命の延長(+ 30%)、最適化されたワイヤレスパフォーマン
ス、スマートチップ、表面の齲蝕のための画期的な齲蝕診断支援テクノロジー*が付属しています。 追加のスキャンデバイスは必要ありません。 TRIOS 4は、有線と無線を組み合わせた柔軟な

Ubaidus Sobahn - Training & Application Specialist, 3Shape Japan

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Get started with 3Shape Splint Studio
Thu, Dec 3, 16:00 CEST
Jenni Tuokko, Dr. Ornella Delli Rocili

The research has shown that occlusal splint treatments are one of the most common treatments done in dental clinics. Join this webinar for a deep dive into our new clinical product - 3Shape Splint Studio. 

In this webinar you will learn: 
• Which occlusal splints you can design in 3Shape Splint Studio
• Which materials and manufacturing options are available
• How to scan for occlusal splints
• Live demo of the workflow

Jenni Tuokko, CDT - 3Shape Global Training & Application Specialist

Dr. Ornella Delli Rocili - 3Shape Global Training & Application Specialist


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Le flux numérique en prothèse adjointe
Thu, Dec 3, 18:00 CEST
Samuel Morice, Jérôme Barraco

Du scan à la production d'un complet en passant par sa modélisation, découvrez la solution 3Shape.

Samuel Morice - laboratoire Argoat

Jérôme Barraco - Formateur 3Shape

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Aesthetic digital Dentistry by 3Shape
Thu, Dec 3, 19:00 CEST
Pedro Pablo Rodríguez
General Practice

Descubre la odontología estética digital con el conjunto de soluciones de 3Shape.

Pedro Pablo Rodríguez - 3Shape Training & Application Specialist

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Indirect Bonding Studio - Digitale Präzision
Fri, Dec 4, 10:00 CEST
Lukas Jacob

In diesem Webinar stellt unser Applikation Specialist den Workflow zum Indirect Bonding Studio vor und zeigt Tip und Tricks für die Behandlungsplanerstellung, z.B. Einstellungen Ortho Control Panel, Behandlungsplanerstellung, Auto Complete Funktion

Lukas Jacob - Training & Application Specialist


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Improve your clinical setup with the 3Shape chairside solution
Mon, Dec 7, 14:00 CEST
Jenni Tuokko, Anders Vesterborg Larsen
General Practice
In this webinar, using TRIOS Design Studio as a starting point, you will learn all the essentials about the 3Shape chairside solution. You will see:
How the chairside CAD/CAM solution can be set up at your clinic
The benefits of in-house design and manufacturing
How to attract and treat more patients
How you can offer high-quality prosthodontic treatments faster 
The solution in action through clinical cases and outcomes
The flexibility of an open system
The potential of in-house production in your clinic’s offerings

Jenni Tuokko, CDT - 3Shape Global Training & Application Specialist
Anders Vesterborg Larsen - 3Shape Product Manager for TRIOS Design Studio Solution

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CASE REPORTS to "Contemporary digital prosthodontics: Solving clinical problems with fixed prosthetics"
Thu, Dec 10, 16:00 CEST
Dr. Theodoros Tasopoulos, Dr. George Kouveliotis, Dr. Jan Paulics

Join this webinar and get up to speed on digital prosthodontics and restoring real-life smiles. 

We will cover:
Case reports to our series 'Digital restorative solutions in fixed prosthodontics'.

Dr. Theodoros Tasopoulos - Owner of clinic in Athens, Prosthodontist , Greece

Theodoros graduated from the University of Athens and continued his studies at the University of Bristol (United Kingdom), where he received his Master’s degree in Prosthetic Dentistry. Dr. Tasopoulos is the author of specialist publications in the field of Prosthodontics and Dental Materials. Furthermore, he conducts continuing education courses in the field of digital restorative dentistry, mouthguards and splint therapy. He has been practicing in his own clinic in Athens, since 2008

Dr. George Kouveliotis - Owner of clinic in Athens, Prosthodontist, Greece

For the last seven years George is a clinical assistant of the Department of Prosthodontics in University of Athens. Dr. Kouveliotis is member of several scientific societies and co-director of ITI Study Club in Athens. He has several publications in the field of digital dentistry, prosthodontics and dental materials. Moreover, he is lecturing in continuous education seminars concerning digital dentistry and prosthodontics.

Dr. Jan Paulics - 3Shape Senior Clinical Specialist, Denmark

Jan has practiced in both municipal and private dental clinics specializing in implant surgery and dentoalveolar surgery. He also worked for Swedish state as project manager for acquiring and implementing practice management solutions. Jan is currently a Senior Clinical Specialist at 3Shape. He continues to lecture for implant manufacturers and dental laboratories. 


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Thu, Dec 10, 20:00 TST
T. Yamaba, T. Tsuji, N. Takahashi
General Practice


Toru Yamaba - Director, Yamaba Dental Clinic
Takahiro Tsuji - President, dental BiOVISION
Naoya Takahashi - Business Development Manager, 3Shape Japan


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Digital implant impressions and temporary implant-supported restorations
Thu, Dec 10, 20:00 EST
Dr. Park


Join Dr. Park and 3DBioCAD as they showcase the workflow for fabricating temporary implant-supported restorations and transferring the peri-implant soft tissue contour information utilizing 3Shape TRIOS, Implant Studio and Dental System.

Experience the options within the 3Shape ecosystem and see how it works seamlessly to increase predictability and efficiency. Dr. Park will explain the rationale for temporizing implants in the aesthetic zone and how he uses temporary restorations to shape the peri-implant soft tissue.

During this webinar you will learn about:

  • How to design and fabricate immediate temporary crowns, with the clinical steps
  • The workflow for designing and fabricating full-arch immediate temporary FDPs
  • How to fabricate custom healing abutments to preserve the existing soft tissue contour
  • The workflow for fabricating delayed implant-supported temporary restorations
  • How to transfer the emergence profile and ovate pontic site information digitally to the lab or to your in-house lab

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Implan Studio Lab & Clear Aligner Lab + Full Contour Design Services
Mon, Dec 14, 19:00 CEST
Pedro Pablo Rodríguez

En este webinar verás la posibilidad de hacer crecer tu negocio usando el servicio de diseño FullCountour de 3Shape.

 Pedro Pablo Rodríguez - 3Shape Training & Application Specialist


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Success with digital dentures
Mon, Dec 14, 19:00 EST
Esther Schwenning


Learn how to use 3Shape's solutions to make digital dentures easily, with full control over customized esthetics and function in every case.

You will learn about:

  • How to record optimum clinical records. Helpful tips and tricks on how to properly capture impressions and centric relation.
  • Perfect occlusion. Customize working, balancing and protrusive excursions. Also how to set up and customized occlusion to opposing natural dentition.
  • Customized and unique esthetics with 3Shape Dental System 2020. Digitally creating custom smiles and beautiful gingival contouring has never been easier. All with just a few clicks.

This webinar is part of International Digital Denture Symposium, a live-streaming conference hosted by Aegis Communications.

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What's new in TRIOS Design Studio 20.3?
Tue, Dec 15, 16:00 CEST
Dr. Ornella Delli Rocili, Mark Fowlie
General Practice

Join us for a deep dive into the newest features in TRIOS Design Studio, with a live demo. 
Learn about the new tools and workflows that make TRIOS Design Studio event easier to use. 

Some areas we cover are: 
• Going chairside with 3Shape
• Workflows with hints, tips and explanations along the way, that help you achieve the goal of each workflow step
• Designing screw-retained and tooth-borne restorations in the same workflow
• Overview of all the features that were released in 2020 in TRIOS Design Studio

Mark Fowlie - 3Shape Product Manager CAD
Dr. Ornella Delli Rocili - 3Shape Global Training & Application Specialist


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All you need to know about the design service integration in Implant Studio 2020.2
Thu, Dec 17, 17:00 CEST
J. Laizure, D. Palencia, A. Berk
General Practice
In this webinar you will learn about our newest feature in Implant Studio 2020.2 - design service integration with FullContour. We will cover:

• What is the new design service and how do you get started
• Workflow from start to finish
• Some of the cases done by FullContour 

Jesse Laizure - CCO, FullContour
Daniela Palencia - DDS, Oral Implantologist 
Anja Berk - 3Shape Junior Commercial Product Manager, moderator

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Case studies

There is no substitute for learning from real-life situations. See CAD/CAM dentistry at its finest in a wide range of case studies published by dentists across the world.

Model-free onlays and crown for lower right quadrant

Dr. Watt starts workflow with IO scan for the design of onlays for lower right first and second molars and lower right second premolar and crown for the lower right first premolar.

Upper full arch rehabilitation using 3D printed temporary restorations

Dr. Mak used digital software and tools to rehabilitate the upper arch with a combination of crowns and implant retained restorations.

Model-free immediate implant placement and restoration

Dr. Choi’s case demonstrates an immediate implant placement restoration with a temporary crown using a full digital workflow and model-free approach.

Digital denture workflow for a fully edentulous patient

This case demonstrates the advantages of the digital denture workflow when compared with an analog workflow.

Clinical studies

3Shape TRIOS® has been included in a wealth of externally funded clinical studies. These studies focus on everything from accuracy to comparing conventional and digital, as well as full-arch, in-vitro and in-vivo.

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Dr. Jonathan L. Ferencz



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