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CAD/CAM dentistry constantly evolves. Regardless where your practice or lab is on your digital journey, this is your springboard to the next level. Learn from clinical studies, practitioners, our own specialists and partners. Explore the different types of educational material below. Learn something new today.

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Learn from experienced practitioners and 3Shape's own experts. Browse our wide range of upcoming webinars below – both in English and in other languages.

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Improve your clinical setup with the 3Shape chairside solution
Wed, Jan 27, 14:00 CEST
Jenni Tuokko, Anders Vesterborg Larsen
General Practice
In this webinar, using TRIOS Design Studio as a starting point, you will learn all the essentials about the 3Shape chairside solution. You will see:
How the chairside CAD/CAM solution can be set up at your clinic
The benefits of in-house design and manufacturing
How to attract and treat more patients
How you can offer high-quality prosthodontic treatments faster 
The solution in action through clinical cases and outcomes
The flexibility of an open system
The potential of in-house production in your clinic’s offerings

Jenni Tuokko, CDT - 3Shape Global Training & Application Specialist
Anders Vesterborg Larsen - 3Shape Product Manager for TRIOS Design Studio Solution

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New ways for dentists and labs to collaborate through augmented reality - using IvoSmile and 3Shape Dental System
Thu, Jan 28, 17:00 CEST
Prof. Irena Sailer, Vincent Fehmer
General Practice
Learn how augmented reality helps dentists and labs envision a patient’s new smile together.

In this webinar you will learn:
- How this integration benefits clinics
- How it benefits labs 
- How to use the integration in a real patient’s case 

Prof. Dr. med. dent. Irena Sailer - head of the division for fixed prosthetics and biomaterials at the University of Geneva. In 2003, she became a senior physician at the clinic for crown and bridge prosthetics, partial prosthetics and dental material studies at the University of Zurich/Switzerland. In 2010, she became a lecturer and in 2012 scientific head of department at the clinic for crown and bridge prosthetics, partial prosthetics and dental material science. She holds a visiting professorship in the United States.
Vincent Fehmer, MDT - has been working at the clinic for fixed prosthetics and biomaterials at the University of Geneva since 2015. He also runs his own dental laboratory in Lausanne (both in Switzerland). He successfully completed his apprenticeship in dental technology from 1998 to 2002 in Stuttgart/Germany. Amongst other places, he also worked in dental laboratories in Great Britain and in the US.

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Thu, Jan 28, 20:00 TST
Mitsuo Kamitani, Naoya Takahashi
General Practice



Mitsuo Kamitani - Director, Kamitani Dental Clinic

Naoya Takahashi - Business Development Manager, 3Shape Japan

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Case studies

There is no substitute for learning from real-life situations. See CAD/CAM dentistry at its finest in a wide range of case studies published by dentists across the world.

Model-free onlays and crown for lower right quadrant

Dr. Watt starts workflow with IO scan for the design of onlays for lower right first and second molars and lower right second premolar and crown for the lower right first premolar.

Upper full arch rehabilitation using 3D printed temporary restorations

Dr. Mak used digital software and tools to rehabilitate the upper arch with a combination of crowns and implant retained restorations.

Model-free immediate implant placement and restoration

Dr. Choi’s case demonstrates an immediate implant placement restoration with a temporary crown using a full digital workflow and model-free approach.

Digital denture workflow for a fully edentulous patient

This case demonstrates the advantages of the digital denture workflow when compared with an analog workflow.

Clinical studies

3Shape TRIOS® has been included in a wealth of externally funded clinical studies. These studies focus on everything from accuracy to comparing conventional and digital, as well as full-arch, in-vitro and in-vivo.

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