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Core. Essential functionality.

Core scan technology for send-to-lab workflows, with TRIOS accuracy as standard.

Accurate. Fast. Easy. As always!

Imagine the excellence of the award-winning TRIOS technology distilled down to its most essential and affordable form. That’s TRIOS Core. AI-powered, with outstanding scanning accuracy and speed, to share with your lab with just one click.

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Core scan technology you can rely on.

If you’re used to the conventional method of taking impressions, you’ll be blown away by the efficiency of TRIOS Core. And your patients will enjoy its speed and enhanced comfort. This AI powered scanner delivers accurate digital impressions and helps you capture every detail in realistic colors, even when working with hard-to-access areas.


Built for send-to-lab.

Once you’ve completed the scan, you’re one click away from sharing it with your labs. No complex file downloads or email attachments needed.

A great scan is just the beginning

When is a scan more than a scan?

When it's united with patient outcomes. 3Shape Unite is the workflow engine that comes with TRIOS. Benefit from thousands of apps, simplified treatment workflows, and securely store and access your TRIOS scans with Unite Cloud.

Treatments made simple

Treatments are made simple from start to finish. With guided and straightforward workflows, efficient patient and case management and communication.

Dental apps made accessible

Thousands of apps in the Unite Store give you the freedom to choose best-in-class solutions. Boost your work and collaborations with 3Shape, labs, and treatment providers.

Patient cases made available

Securely store and manage patient scans, track case progress, communicate with your lab and view all your 3Shape app licenses. In the cloud, with the Unite Cloud app or on the web.

What comes included?

Getting started with digital scanning couldn’t be easier as TRIOS Core comes with everything you need to start scanning right away. Including online training and video tutorials. See what is in the box below.

Scanner and accessories

Scanner: TRIOS Core scanner wand, scanner pod with USB-C port and 1 meter USB-C cable.
Tips: 5 autoclavable scanner tips, 1 TRIOS 3 protection tip, 1 TRIOS 3 calibration kit, 1 TRIOS 3 color calibration kit.

TRIOS Core is compatible with TRIOS 3 tips.


USB Key, 8GB RAM, 3Shape subscription dongle.


A pre-installed laptop or desktop computer running on Windows 11.


Welcome card, Safety and setup guide, Quick Guides (start up, cleaning).


3Shape Unite, 3Shape Model Builder Express.


First year on TRIOS Care included, with onboarding, training, support, warranty and express replacement.


To explore add-on software such as studio apps for in-house dentistry or scanner accessories such as tips, reach out to your reseller.

TRIOS Core tech specs




TRIOS Core digital images are indicated for use in
  - Restorations
  - Orthodontics
  - Implantology
  - Assessment of dental status.


Clinical accuracy
Proven clinical accuracy: backed by a multitude of independent scientific studies for a wide variety of workflows. Data/references available upon request from 3Shape.

Light and output
TRIOS Core captures at least 1400 images per second, uses LED as a light source and outputs PLY, DCM and STL files.

Dimensions and use
TRIOS Core has the same dimensions as TRIOS 3, measuring 4.8x4.0x27.3 centimeters (HWL). It weighs 340 grams, including battery and tip.


TRIOS computer
Included in your order, you will get a 3Shape approved, preconfigured computer with TRIOS software installed. All computers run on Windows 11 pro.

Other computers
For a CAD/CAM solution that does not require TRIOS scanning, you can select a PC according to the Minimum PC requirements for 3Shape Software packages.

Ethernet connection
Another important element of your solution is your ethernet speed. All communication with labs, partners and servers will happen through your ethernet connection. We recommend a 25 Mbit/s or faster connection, with 5 Mbit/s at a minimum. The faster the network, the faster you can send and receive an order. For example: a typical TRIOS order of 30Mb will take approximately 30 seconds to transmit on a 10Mbit/s line. Check network speed requirements.


Support Service

Services to get the most out of your TRIOS

Owning a TRIOS scanner is just the first step in advancing your practice. The service offerings that come with your TRIOS guide your next steps. Your first year on the peace-of-mind service plan TRIOS Care is included, and comes with onboarding, consultation, support and ongoing training from our experts.

We've got you covered.


What others say about TRIOS

TRIOS knows intuitively how to eliminate interferences like lips and tongue. It captures only the information that I need to get the work done, which allows a better use of my time, by letting the assistants scan with the TRIOS unit.

Dr. Barbara Jurim

about ease of use

The workflows make it easy to communicate. I can add photos into my case, send those straight to the lab, and get designs sent back to me, which then I can validate and return to the lab. Brilliant.

Dr. Douglas Watt

about lab collaboration

AI scanning: what a difference that makes! Being an absolute beginner at scanning, TRIOS AI scanning made me look like a pro.

Dr. Lambert Stumpel

about AI scanning

How to buy

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