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TRIOS Patient Monitoring updates
TRIOS Patient Monitoring — Software updates
What's new: improvement and changes

TRIOS Patient Monitoring 21.2

November 2021

TRIOS Patient Monitoring 21.2 for Dental Desktop 1.7.27

Available for 3Shape Unite

The latest TRIOS Patient Monitoring features new comparison and communication tools, supported by a revamped user interface for more intuitive use, easier navigation, and more engaging visualizations.

Ruler for Scan Measurements

The addition of a ruler tool allows you to place linear measurements directly on the scan to measure the distance between two selected points on the scan. The placed measurements can be used in conjunction with the "snapshot" tool to support documentation and communications.

Ruler for Scan Measurements

Comparison Slider

Swipe the slider to compare two selected scans and see the changes between them with an easy and intuitive visualization tool that is sure to impress your patients and enables you to focus on a specific area of interest.

Comparison Slider

Revamped left panel interface

The design of the left panel has been revamped to support touch screen users and provide faster and easier access to the full toolkit available within TRIOS Patient Monitoring. You are now able to collapse each category within the left panel and free up screen space when needed.

Revamped left panel interface

Snapshot folder path with automated file naming

In the TRIOS Patient Monitoring settings, you can specify where snapshots taken within the software should be saved. The snapshots taken will automatically be named on the basis of which tool is in use and organized into patient specific folders.

Snapshot folder path with automated file naming

General Improvements

Use the < arrow > keys on the keyboard to turn the simulation into a “slide-show”.

3-Point alignment sub-windows are now easily resizable for touch screen users using the “vertical enlarge” button .

Previously selected tooth in the “tooth cross section” is pre-selected upon re-entering.

Known Issues

Automatic Segmentation optimized for dentition without brackets

Scans with large brackets may not automatically segment properly, though it is possible to use the manual segmentation tools to do so.

Simulation does not support partial scans or scans with brackets

Similarly, the simulation feature is not optimized for morphing scan sets that contain partial scans or scans with bracket.



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