TRIOS Patient Monitoring — Software updates

What's new: improvement and changes

TRIOS Patient Monitoring 21.1

Releasing during June 2021

The latest TRIOS Patient Monitoring features improved workflows and new functionalities, supported by new improvements to the user interface for more intuitive use, easier navigation, and more engaging visualizations.

Local segmentation - Supports offline usage with increased speed

The automated segmentation used within TRIOS Patient Monitoring is now offered in two variations; local (offline) segmentation or cloud (online) segmentation. Selection is available within the TRIOS Patient Monitoring’s settings page. Users are advised to opt for local segmentation and use online segmentation as a contingency if, or when, needed.

TRIOS Patient Monitoring Online Segmentation
  1. Local segmentation (recommended default option): Upon upgrading, this option will be selected by default and is recommended for most users. Local segmentation means that the computation is performed directly on your computer or MOVE hardware, as opposed to on an external server. For high-performance PCs, such as those sold by 3Shape or equivalent specs, this option yields a significant speed increase, enables offline usage, and removes the dependency on connectivity and network speed and stability.
  2. Online segmentation (for outdated or sub-optimal hardware): This option reverts the segmentation to the previous state, where patients’ scans are uploaded to an external server, the segmentation is performed, and the results downloaded. This may be preferable for hardware with suboptimal specs or outdated systems in clinics where network requirements meet the minimum requirement of 2/2 Mbps and the connection is stable and dependable.

Limited Availability

Upon the release in June, the following two updates will be available for TRIOS 4 users in most EU countries. Please ask your reseller for country-specific availability

New and improved caries scoring algorithm*

A new algorithm for the caries scoring, shown within the caries aid visualization feature, results in a more accurate automated caries assessment by using healthy sites as additional reference areas.

Comparison of caries scans with a before and after slider*

Swipe the slider to compare two scans containing caries information and see the changes between them with an easy and intuitive visualization tool.

before and after slider Patient Monitoring

*Limited availability. Please ask your reseller for country-specific availability

Optimized cross-section tool for enhanced tooth specific examination

You can now closely examine changes to a specific tooth by selecting which tooth to focus an inspection upon. The tooth-specific cross-section uses the more accurate local tooth to tooth alignment and therefore this cross-section tool is ideal in situations where you are evaluating and measuring changes to a specific tooth’s shape and dimensions, particularly when clinically significant changes are of a very small magnitude.cross-section tool Patient Monitoring

Simulation improvements

Scan specific bite relations are used in simulation, allowing you to animate the change in the patient’s bite in addition to movement and any morphological changes to the shape of the teeth.

You can now manually switch back and forth between the scans on the timeline without triggering the calculation that occurs when “play” is pressed for initiating the animated simulation.

If partial scans are included in the selection of scans, these will be ignored during simulation to prevent unstable behavior.

Simulation improvements Patient Monitoring

Screenshot functionality with pinned measurement

Measurements can be affixed to the tooth difference map and a screenshot image saved locally with a single action. Pressing the screenshot button removes all controls to produce a clean and streamlined output image that can be used for documentation, information sharing and more.Screenshot functionality TRIOS Patient Monitoring

General Improvements

  • Scan selection is now available with filters and a grid view option.
  • Quick view modes for quickly switching between occlusal and front view, and upper and lower jaws.
  • The 2D cross-section dynamically adapts to the scan’s orientation within the 3D scene.
  • Failed alignment detection triggers a guided manual alignment workflow for easier troubleshooting.


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