TRIOS Treatment Simulator — Software updates

What's new: improvement and changes

TRIOS Treatment Simulator 21.1

Releasing during June 2021

TRIOS Treatment simulator 21.1 delivers an improved setup algorithm for an even more realistic simulation. In addition, the update comes with a new presentation mode to further engage your patients.

New and improved setup

Improvements to the algorithm for more realistic simulated setups.improved setup TRIOS Treatment Simulator

Animate the transition from malocclusion to simulated treatment outcome

In addition to the side-by-side comparison or looking at the two models individually, you can now enhance the engagement value of the patient presentation using an animated mode.simulated treatment outcome with TRIOS

Useful links

Training Videos

Find all training videos on our ‘3Shape Training Videos’ Youtube channel. Get started with TRIOS Treatment Simulator by accessing the below training video:

TRIOS Treatment Simulator Workflow

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