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3Shape TRIOS Patient Monitoring

Visualize changes and gain preventive insights

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Scan every patient every time to accurately track changes in teeth and identify dental issues sooner. Share visual monitoring information with patients to advance their understanding of their dental status and their need for your treatment.



Detect and diagnose dental problems efficiently. 


Offer your patient a new, preventative care model. 


Empower your patient for faster case acceptance.


Validate and document progress through tracking. 

What is it?

Your tool for diagnostic aid

Seeing changes with the naked eye can be hard. Impossible, even. Can you remember a patient’s dental situation two years ago? Tell if treatment is on track? Or anticipate changes? TRIOS Patient Monitoring lets you compare scans and act on them - quickly. This dental monitoring tool is included with all 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanners (except for TRIOS 3 Basic) and lets you detect miniscule changes not visible otherwise.

Turn your intraoral scanner from a treatment tool into a diagnostic aid tool and save your patient money on unnecessary treatments. 

What you can do

Monitor oral health by scanning every time

Detect changes in dental conditions earlier by scanning every patient every time and continuously comparing scans. This form of dental monitoring allows you to make better treatment decisions by visually documenting oral development and tracking treatment progression with accuracy and ease.  

Detect early, intervene quickly

Measure geometric changes to each tooth to identify tooth wear, grinding, chipping and other volumetric changes. Use this to engage and educate the patient when suggesting preventative or restorative treatments.

Improve case acceptance with easy-to-understand visuals 

Dental changes are visualized in a timeline display. The color difference map and cross sectioning intuitively convey the message about dental issues and how a specific treatment can help your patient. 

Combine with 3Shape TRIOS MOVE+ for maximum patient engagement 

Present dental scans directly to the patient. The highly maneuverable 3Shape TRIOS MOVE+ comes with wheels for effortless maneuverability and features a 15.6” touchscreen mounted on an adjustable, flexible arm that lets you move the screen to the right place to easily share scans and monitoring information with your patient.  

“We can now put digital models on top of each other, showing patients how much has been worn away. This highly improves acceptance for treatment.”

Majken Wahl, Dentist

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Embrace groundbreaking technology 

Are you ready to give your patients even better care? 
Start monitoring

*Caries detection is not available in the US and China.
This page includes new features, some which may not be available in your market. 

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