3Shape Splint Studio

Easily produce splints, night guards and protectors 


Do you want to add new and highly profitable services to your offerings? Our brand-new Splint Studio* with automated design functionality lets you design and manufacture splints, night guards, protectors, and similar dental and orthodontic appliances with just a few clicks.


Automatic design

Automatically raise the occlusal surface to the antagonist cusp tips and plane, so you can make slanted bite ramps with just a few clicks.

Several splint types

Fast and intuitive workflow for the creation of splints, night guards, protectors, and more.

Extremely fast

The software engine calculates the desired splint design in seconds, ensuring high productivity.

Mill or print-ready

The splint design is automatically prepared and optimized for your selected manufacturing method.

The digital workflow


Scan your patient with TRIOS intraoral scanner or use one of our lab scanners to digitize your patient’s tooth model.

Design appliance

Design a wide range of common dental and orthodontic appliances with just a few clicks.

3D print or mill

Select your preferred manufacturing method and send your splint design to your 3D printer, mill, or preferred manufacturing partner.

What you will get

Automatically raise the occlusal surface to the antagonist cusp tips

Getting correct contact is essential when building a good splint, nightguard, or protector. Splint Studio automatically makes a smooth surface that touches the antagonist cusp tips in the areas that you want. This means faster designs done correctly the first time.

Create slanted bite ramps in only a few clicks

Bite ramps are an important part of perfecting splints, and Splint Studio enables you to automatically create bite ramps exactly where and at the angle you want. The occlusal compass enables you to see which excursions generate which contacts.

Enforce minimum thicknesses

Patient safety and comfort are crucial when it comes to splints, night guards and protectors. To help you balance minimum material thickness and the slimmest design possible for patient comfort, Splint Studio notifies you whether the minimum thickness you have chosen is overserved all over the design. It points out discrepancies and fixes them automatically, if desired.

Splint Studio in action 

Watch the demo to see how Splint Studio can boost your business with an efficient and automated workflow.


Unrivaled open ecosystem

Choosing an open system is one of the best ways to secure access to the most up-to-date technology, materials, partners and prices. With 3Shape products you can directly connect with your preferred partners and secure the most cost-effective and relevant options for your practice. From treatment workflows to design services, libraries or 3rd party manufacturing equipment – it’s all just a click away.

Orthodontic labs

Clinics can cloud-connect to any TRIOS Ready ortho lab. Send files with a click and discuss and review cases from any device.
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Restorative labs

Cloud-connect to TRIOS Ready ortho lab, start sending files with a click and discuss and review cases from any device.
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Design services

Connect directly with trusted 3rd party designers to outsource setup and staging for indirect bonding and clear aligners, or implant planning and dentures.


Advertise your lab as a TRIOS Ready lab at no cost and cloud-connect with dentists and start receiving TRIOS digital impressions to work on.
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Mills and 3d printers

Benefit from a wide range of integration with milling machines and printers.
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Design module

Adapt and guide designs with the Virtual Articulator and tailor output models to your printing and milling machines with minimum thickness enforcement and drill compensation.

Get training and help

If you are new to digital dentistry, we are here to help.

Start offering splints

Why wait? This is the time to start with new, profitable services. Ask your reseller for a demo.
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*Splint Studio for clinics expected to be available in Q2 2020.
Contact your reseller regarding availability of 3Shape products in your region.

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