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Dental System 2021— What’s new in the best version ever

New, integrated and AI-powered workflows: from crown & bridge to dentures, splints and much more.

Dental System 2021

3Shape Dental System 2021 is powered by innovation, unrivaled range of treatment workflows, and improvements that will make your lab work faster and better, and provide profitable services such as dentures, clear aligners, splints and smile designs.

You can deep dive into some of the exciting components of Dental System 2021 here.

Creating accurate and efficient dental designs with CAD software requires high quality scans. 3Shape dental lab scanners have won multiple awards and are renowned for their high speed and documented accuracy. We offer the full range of scanners from entry level to advanced speed scanning.

NEW! Updated design strategy for Advanced Implant Bridge workflow

The implant bridge workflow has been optimized to increase productivity and quality of the final restoration. We have removed the exit profile connection to the single anatomy and moved it to the very last step. The design starts with anatomy setup, where crowns can be easily adjusted as an arch. After that, connectors and/or gingiva are built, and the bridge is combined into one piece. And only at the end of the workflow, are all exit profiles adjusted to the final design in one single step. It is now possible to use all available aesthetic settings. This makes gum designing faster and more predictable as with Gingivator 3.0 in our denture workflow.

AI supported workflows

We are also introducing several AI powered workflow improvements, such as automatic teeth segmentation and optimization of the occlusal plane. During the segmentation step for intraoral cases – lines are now placed automatically for both temporary indications and dies.

Partial Denture in Full Denture

For dentures, we have created a new workflow that allow designing both partial and full dentures at the same time, while also making the improved gingiva generator, teeth libraries and bridged teeth available. All to make it easier to design dentures.

Boost productivity with the fully integrated Partial and Full Dentures workflow. You will now be able to design full dentures and partial dentures in the same order. All existing Full Denture tools will now be available for designing partials as well. It is possible to create an order with i.e., full denture on the maxilla and partial denture on mandible in one single order.

It is also possible to create partial over a partial denture or design the order with only partial in one jaw. You can also design the try-in, work with artificial teeth, or design and manufacture teeth for a perfect smile.

Enhanced detail option for E4 scanners

Lastly, we have launched a new enhanced detail option for the E4 scanners that will enable you to scan with more details in areas that are most important like margin lines. As an example, here is a case scanned with and without the enhanced detail option.

Tight integration with 3Shape Automate.

We are also making it easier for labs to use 3Shape Automate AI crown design from within Dental System. As a bonus, you can also modify design proposals from 3Shape Automate, so you can add your own personal touch.

Download UPDATES as pdf

Download the PDF file to get the main highlights from the latest Dental System and learn about the new workflows and functionalities.


Library of tutorials:

  • Fundamentals: Here you will find everything to get you started using Dental System in your daily work in the lab.

  • Integration to TRIOS IOS: TRIOS Inbox allows you to manage orders received from dentists who are using a TRIOS, view them, as well as accept and reject them. TRIOS Inbox is easily accessible in the Dental Manager application.

  • Setup and administration: This section introduces you to Dental System Control Panel, which gives the possibility to adjust the settings of your system according to your needs. You will also learn about 3Shape Communicate, its role and functionality.

  • Features and tools: In this section you will learn more about accessories and tools, as well as integrations available in Dental System.

  • Prosthetic treatments: Dental System allows for design and production of a great variety of restorations. In this section you will learn the specific workflows for designing and producing various prosthetic treatments.

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