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Dental System — What’s new in the 2023 version
New, integrated and AI-powered workflows: from crown & bridge to dentures, splints and much more.


Dental System 2023 delivers ultimate efficiency for dental technicians. Dental System 2023 makes workflows even faster and more predictable.
Model Builder Express

Model Builder Express enables a new way of designing digital models. The software prepares a proposal for an unsectioned model using AI and allows you to inspect it – and correct it, if needed. Other model types and features are still available in Model Builder.

Learn more about all the new features in the What’s New document below.

What's new in Model Builder Express

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Standalone dies for labs

Model Builder Express enables you to order standalone dies in the Dental System Order Form, in addition to un-sectioned models. This option is available for Dental System and later versions.

Templates for labeling and trimming

Take advantage of predefined selection templates during the “Prepare step” to select, with one click, the area of the scan you want to create a model of.

With the label template options on the Label Settings you can choose which information to include on your labels. Add case number, patient number, date, and more.

Editable default design settings

When creating a case, the default settings can be adjusted to meet your model design preferences.


Zebris and Modjaw
Dental Designer has a new articulator import format that allows to import data from digital facebow systems. In Dental System 2023 we are introducing Modjaw and Zebris systems integration. The format import allows to transfer static occlusion from the digital facebow system as well as dynamic jaw movement data that is available in the patient specific motion tool.

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Dental System 2023 includes substantial stability and speed fixes, alongside Model Builder Express and integration with Modjaw and Zebris.
Learn more about these, and all the new features and updates, in the What’s New document below.



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Previous updates

Dental System 2022 highlights:
  1. Virtual preparation
  2. 3D Case Preview
  3. Denture on Implants workflow
  4. Digital Model design for physical articulators
  5. New Sculpt features
  6. Software improvements and stability fixes
Dental System 2021 highlights:
  1. Revamped Advanced Implant Bridge workflow
  2. AI Supported Workflows
  3. Partial Denture in Full Denture Workflow
  4. Tight integration with 3Shape Automate
  5. Enhanced detail option on E4 scanners


Library of tutorials:
  • Fundamentals: Here you will find everything to get you started using Dental System in your daily work in the lab.
  • Integration to TRIOS IOS: TRIOS Inbox allows you to manage orders received from dentists who are using a TRIOS, view them, as well as accept and reject them.
  • Setup and administration: This section gives the possibility to adjust the settings of your system according to your needs.
  • Features and tools: In this section you will learn more about accessories and tools, as well as integrations available in Dental System.
  • Prosthetic treatments: In this section you will learn the specific workflows for designing and producing various prosthetic treatments.

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