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Preventative care is the best kind of dental care


Preventative care is the best kind of dental care
Accurately measure changes over time by scanning every patient at every appointment with TRIOS Patient Monitoring. It’s a valuable visual tool that helps you identify treatment needs early, while also creating a perfect opportunity to engage and strengthen connections.

Help patients understand treatment

Give patients a comparative look at their own dentition with TRIOS Patient Monitoring. You’ll be able to show them exactly what’s happened between their last and latest visit. Measurements, color-coded visuals and overlays make it easy to give them a clear understanding of why the treatment you suggest is right for them.

Build patient loyalty

TRIOS Patient Monitoring gives patients one more good reason to stay loyal to you and your practice. They’ll know that you – and only you – have a complete visual record of changes in their dentition. And that using that record to track changes helps you recognize their problems early and act proactively.

“We can now put digital models on top of each other, showing patients how much has been worn away. This highly improves acceptance for treatment.”

Majken Wahl, Dentist, Denmark

Patient engagement apps

TRIOS Smile Design
TRIOS Treatment Simulator
Put a smile on their face
Put a smile on their face

Give your patients a glimpse of their beautiful future smile! TRIOS Smile Design visualizes treatment outcome on your patients’ photos. Use it to design their desired results together. And send them home to show those results off with the My-3Shape “before-and-after smile” app. When family and friends chime in with compliments, it will reinforce case acceptance.

Watch case acceptance rates rise
Watch case acceptance rates rise
Seeing really is believing. TRIOS Treatment Simulator offers an inspiring and reliable answer to a pressing question for many patients. It transforms a scan of their dentition into an accurate simulation of their potential orthodontic outcome. Use it to inspire, to set expectations, and to convince – and you’ll see acceptance rates rise.
What patient engagement means to us
Color scans, smile simulation software, a scanner that can be moved around: patient engagement means a lot to us. And we’ve invested heavily in it.
It’s never been easier to engage

Here is the easiest way to move 3D digital scans and the TRIOS® engagement apps right where your patients can see them best – chairside. No more head craning. No more back straining. TRIOS MOVE+ is the alternative to a regular scanning PC and makes engaging patients more comfortable for them and you. ​

A great scan is just the beginning

3Shape Unite is the workflow engine that unlocks a world of possibilities with your scan. From digital impression to treatment conclusion, it unites everything in between.

  • Treatments made simple. From start to finish.
  • Dental apps made accessible. From everyday use to exceptional cases.

Start offering preventative care

It’s the best kind of care, after all. Identify treatment needs, engage and strengthen connections.
Built-in caries detection aid available with TRIOS 4 in select regions only.
Start offering preventative care

*Caries detection is not available in the US and China.
This page includes new features, some which may not be available in your market. 

Contact us or ask your reseller regarding availability of 3Shape products in your region.