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Offer a better patient experience and gain case acceptance
The more you engage with your patients, the more they’ll benefit – and the more confident they’ll feel. Our engagement apps make it easier than ever to communicate with your patient and increase acceptance of your treatment proposals.

TRIOS Smile Design

Put a smile on your patient’s face in minutes

Everyone wants to know how their teeth will look after restorative treatment. Now you can show them. TRIOS Smile Design lets you digitally design their potential new smile before their eyes. Then you can give them a true-to-life picture they can even share with friends and family.


“Smile Design is about so much more than only teeth, it’s self esteem. When I go back and forth between before and after, they can see the transformation right away.”

Dr. Marc Onuoha

TRIOS Patient Monitoring

Visualize changes and gain preventive insights

Create a perfect opportunity to engage by creating a dental scan of every patient at every appointment with TRIOS Patient Monitoring. It’s a valuable visual tool for sharing information – and strengthening connections – while accurately tracking changes and identifying treatment needs sooner.


“We can now put digital models on top of each other, showing patients how much has been worn away. This highly improves acceptance for treatment.”

Dr. Majken Wahl, Denmark

TRIOS Treatment Simulator

Simulate orthodontic treatments to excite patients

What better way to help patients accept your orthodontic treatment plans than by showing them their potential orthodontic treatment results before you even get started? TRIOS® Treatment Simulator simulates realistic orthodontic corrections onscreen based on a 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scan. In full color. In just seconds. What a revelation!


“Patients get so excited when seeing the teeth in their new position, I even sell cases just by showing them the simulator, without even showing them the actual treatment plan.”

Dr. Pedro Goncalves, Switzerland


It’s never been easier to engage

Here is the easiest way to move 3D digital scans and the TRIOS® engagement apps right where your patients can see them best – chairside. No more head craning. No more back straining. TRIOS MOVE+ is the alternative to a regular scanning PC and makes engaging patients more comfortable for them and you. ​


Contact us or ask your reseller regarding availability of 3Shape products in your region.