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Beginner’s guide to Digital Dentistry: PC Requirements
Thu, Jun 17, 15:00 CEST
Dr. Ornella Delli Rocili, Jenni Tuokko
General Practice

Join 3Shape experts for a series of webinars exploring the building blocks of digital dentistry from A to Z.
In the first webinar of the Beginner’s guide series, you will learn about:
- key PC hardware components for CAD/CAM dentistry
- what the components do and why the hardware requirements matter 
- how understanding the PC basics can help optimize your digital work. 


Dr. Ornella Delli-Rocili -  3Shape Global Training & Application Specialist
Jenni Tuokko,  CDT - 3Shape Global Clinical Training Manager
Marcus Marcussen, CDT - 3Shape Global Trainingf & Application Specialist




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Individuelle Abutments & Stege
Tue, Jun 22, 10:00 CEST
Thomas Riehl

Backwardsplanning, Stege mit Atachments

• Individuelles Abutment mit Verblendkrone
• Verschiedene Steg Geometrien
• Atachments, Anker, Bohrungen

ZTM Thomas Riehl - Training & Application Specialist Lab

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3Shape Automate, l'innovation au service de votre laboratoire
Thu, Jun 24, 13:00 CEST
Jérôme Barraco, Tarik Hadzibegovic
General Practice

Découvrez comment faire évoluer votre laboratoire grâce à l'automatisation du design de vos couronnes par 3Shape Automate.

Jérôme Barraco - Business Development Manager 3Shape France

Tarik Hadzibegovic - Business Development Manager 3Sjape Europe, Design Services


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Thu, Jun 24, 20:00 TST
T. Yamaba, T. Tsuji, N. Takahashi
General Practice


Toru Yamaba - Director, Yamaba Dental Clinic
Takahiro Tsuji - President, dental BiOVISION
Naoya Takahashi - Business Development Manager, 3Shape Japan

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Why go digital? Session includes live scanning
Fri, Jun 25, 10:00 CEST
Dr. Ornella Delli Rocili, Jenni Tuokko
General Practice

Are you still wondering if digital is the right way to go? 
Join 3Shape Global Academy Trainers, Dr. Ornella Delli Rocili and CDT, Jenni Tuokko for a discussion on analog versus digital workflows from multiple perspectives. We’ll discuss patient care, time efficiency, scientific evidence, infection control, and much more.
At the end of the webinar, we will also demonstrate a live scan with the TRIOS 4 intraoral scanner and host a Q&A session.


Dr. Ornella Delli Rocili - 3Shape Global Training & Application Specialist

Jenni Tuokko, CDT - 3Shape Global Training & Application Specialist





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3D Smile Design: Estética e Oclusão
Fri, Jun 25, 20:00 SAST
Livio Yoshinaga, Fabricio Guarnieri
General Practice

Esta aula tipo webinar ao vivo demonstrará o processo de pensamento e tomada de decisões quando construimos um novo sorriso.  Alcançar o equilibrio perfeito entre estética e oclusão ajudará aos dentistas e técnicos de laboratório a falarem um mesmo ""idioma"".

Os protocolos clínicos e os fluxos de trabalho laboratoriais irão diagnosticar e planjear um projeto perfeito, definindo a estratégia dos preparos.  A plataforma Dental System da 3Shape utiliza as bibliotecas digitais UHD (ultra high definition) SKYN Supernatural.

Entender a necessidade de um rascunho 2D e sua posterior migração para o universo 3D finalmente conectará os pontos em um protocolo de trabalho simples e eficiente.


Livio Yoshinaga - Arquiteto de sorrisos, palestrante internacional, fundador da SKYN Concept e co-fundador da DSD - Digital Smile Design.  Livio é autor do projeto conceitual do software Smile Design da 3Shape e desenvolveu o fluxo 100% digital na plataforma Dental System.

Fabricio Guarnieri - Dentista e técnico de laboratorio, diretor do departamento de pesquisa e desenvolvimento da SKYN Concept, palestrante internacional e Smile Designer.  Fabricio desenvolveu a integração da estética e oclusão da SKYN utilizando exclusivamente a plataforma 3Shape.  Mestre em odontologia restauradora pela UNESP, co-author de diversos livros em odontologia digital.  "

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3Shape/Reveal clear aligner: la solution Nouvelle Génération dédiée aux omnipraticiens
Mon, Jun 28, 18:00 CEST
Jérôme Barraco, Jean-Philippe Cholet
Clear Aligners

Découvrez une solution esthétique simple et efficace combinant la caméra 3Shape TRIOS et les aligneurs transparents Reveal.

Jean-Philippe Cholet -Directeur Développement des Ventes Henry Schein France
Jérôme Barraco - Business Development Manager 3Shape"

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Comment optimiser mes relations avec mon laboratoire grâce à TRIOS ? 2/2
Thu, Sep 9, 13:30 CEST
Henry Schein France, Jérôme Barraco
General Practice

Découvrez comment passer au tout-numérique grâce à notre pas-à-pas concernant la prise d'empreinte avec 3Shape TRIOS. 
Prenez part à un échange entre un praticien débutant dans le numérique et un laboratoire de prothèses dentaires qui aborderont:
- Les possibilités de l'empreinte numérique pour un laboratoire digital
- Comment favoriser la collaboration inter-services grâce à 3Shape Communicate
- Comment envoyer des scans de prothèses conjointes et orthodontiques vers des fournisseurs de services de design numériques
- Comment collaborer avec des laboratoires n'utilisant pas 3Shape


Henry Schein France

Jérôme Barraco - Business Development Manager 3Shape

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Case studies

There is no substitute for learning from real-life situations. See CAD/CAM dentistry at its finest in a wide range of case studies published by dentists across the world.

Model-free onlays and crown for lower right quadrant

Dr. Watt starts workflow with IO scan for the design of onlays for lower right first and second molars and lower right second premolar and crown for the lower right first premolar.

Upper full arch rehabilitation using 3D printed temporary restorations

Dr. Mak used digital software and tools to rehabilitate the upper arch with a combination of crowns and implant retained restorations.

Model-free immediate implant placement and restoration

Dr. Choi’s case demonstrates an immediate implant placement restoration with a temporary crown using a full digital workflow and model-free approach.

Digital denture workflow for a fully edentulous patient

This case demonstrates the advantages of the digital denture workflow when compared with an analog workflow.

Clinical studies

3Shape TRIOS® has been included in a wealth of externally funded clinical studies. These studies focus on everything from accuracy to comparing conventional and digital, as well as full-arch, in-vitro and in-vivo.

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