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3Shape Lab Service Packages

Choose the service package that suits your needs

As intuitive as our products are, there are moments where a helping hand makes all the difference. Whether it’s getting started, accessing the latest upgrades, or simply when the unexpected happens, LabCare (or our basic, no-subscription package) helps you stay on-track. 

About our service packages

Two options: basic or subscription 

A solid CAD/CAM solution delivers a wide range of workflows, treatment options, and business growth opportunities. Adding our LabCare service package is the safest way to secure your investment and ensure future success. It gives you access to unlimited upgrades, support, hands-on training and events, and special product discounts. It’s also completely optional – you can alternatively choose our basic, no-subscription package. 

Benefits of labcare

Protect your investment

Authorized support in 14 languages, spread across timezones. Additional warranty and replacement service guarantees maximum uptime.

Always up-to-date

Unlimited upgrades and access to hands-on training events ensure your system grows stronger and more versatile every year.

Value for money

Get value for money with discounts on seats, subscriptions, and training at our dedicated venues across the globe. 

Compare our packages 

A LabCare subscription is completely optional. Both the basic and subscription package are flexible, so you can subscribe or unsubscribe at any time.*

Your lab deserves the best

Get most out of your CAD/CAM solution. 
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