3Shape Smile Design

Put a smile on your patient’s face in minutes

Getting patients on board with your proposed treatment requires a show, don’t tell approach. With 3Shape Smile Design, you can design their future smiles in minutes, show it on your screen and send it to the lab right away. 



Take a photo of your patient and design a beautiful new smile in just minutes.


Show patients the photo-realistic simulation of their future smile.


Send the design directly to the patient's my3Shape mobile app.

what is trios smile design?

Seeing is believing

Patients considering to make improvements to their smile will often want to see before they decide. It is a major and costly step for them after all. Now you can show patients their future smile and simulate the potential outcome of treatment with our Smile Design app. Take a photo of your patient’s face and design their beautiful new smile in just minutes. Changing patient’s lives has never been easier!

What you will get

A smart and simple workflow

The current average TRIOS Smile Design workflow takes just 4 minutes (data on file). After you've taken a photo, you can design the upper and lower teeth and send the files to your patient for more comprehensive treatment opportunities. When the case has been accepted, you scan the patient and send the design and scan to the lab via 3Shape Communicate.

Add extended export options & clinic branding

When a Smile Design is completed, resulting in a photorealistic simulation, wanting to share it is only natural. To support this, TRIOS Smile Design enables extended export and branding options. Add your clinic’s logo to any of the images to brand the simulated design and promote your work.

Get shareable results 

You can get patients on board immediately and easily explain the different possibilities by visualizing the perfect smile. After that, send the smile directly to your patient's mobile phone (the my3Shape app) so that they can easily access and share the design with family and friends. 

Maximize patient excitement with TRIOS MOVE+

With the MOVE+ it’s even easier to engage your patients. It features a 15.6” touchscreen screen mounted on an adjustable, flexible arm that lets you move the screen to the right place to show patients their new smile.

See it in action

Watch the training video to see Smile Design in action.

“It makes it easier for patients to visualize and understand their treatment options. In the future, I could see every professional using Smile Design as part of their routine.”

Dr. Marc Onuoha

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