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3Shape Implant Studio 2021.2:
Now supporting both static and dynamic guided implant surgery

June 2021

3Shape Implant Studio 2021.2, the latest release of our Implant Studio software, now comes with an integration to the dynamic surgery system X-Guide, from X-Nav Technologies.

The integration enables you to output, with the click of a button (see image), your prosthetically driven implant planning directly from Implant Studio to X-Guide for dynamic guided implant surgery.

NEW X-Guide integration: more options for surgery

X-Guide integration Implant Studio

Implant Studio and the X-Guide integration gives you more options for streamlining your implant workflow, and making implant procedures simpler.

With Implant Studio, you can now choose between dynamic guided surgery with X-Nav Technologies and static guided surgery with surgical guides designed in Implant Studio and printed from a wide range of 3D printers.

Explore more about X-Nav technologies


Library of tutorials:

  • 3Shape Implant Studio Fundamentals: Implant studio is an open flexible system, which means you can choose to plan your implant positions, design your surgical guides before producing them or you can choose to only perform one of those steps. In this section we will show you the whole workflow and you can choose which parts to do yourself.

  • Setup and administration: Learn about some basic steps that should be taken to in order to work with the software.

  • Treatments: From single implants to full edentulous rehabilitations, Implant Studio enables you to plan and design a wide range of treatments, in-house, by collaborating with a laboratory, or using a Design service.


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