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3Shape Ortho System — Software Updates
What's new: improvements and changes

3Shape Ortho System 2021.1 is our first orthodontic software release in 2021. Ortho System 2021.1 brings many new features and improvements to the clear aligner workflow including a version of Clear Aligner Studio now available for ortho labs. Ortho labs can deliver their own treatment planning, design, and production preparation of high-quality clear aligners to enable them to scale and stay competitive as they grow their services. Ortho System 2021.1 also brings overall performance improvements and bug fixes to Ortho Planner and Appliance Designer.

Highlights of Ortho System 2021.1 in the clear aligner area include:

  • Increased efficiency and less waiting time
    New and existing automated features are now performed in the background. This significantly reduces waiting time and enables the user to focus more on the design and clinical aspects of the case.

  • More effective case collaboration
    Treatment Review enables doctors to clearly communicate their treatment vision to the labs, and with a click of a button, allow the lab to show their treatment proposal to the clinic for approval.

  • Better case management
    Orthodontic technicians now have a clear overview of cases needing attention and where they are in the respective workflows.

  • Powerful production preparation
    Hollowing of models is automated and applying wax to interproximal pockets and to fill gaps between teeth is done digitally and automated.

  • New pay per use model
    Exporting models are now charged as Pay-per-use points. Charges are incurred when using one of these features:
    • New auto-segmentation
    • Treatment Review
    • New production enhancement features e.g., wax-up, hollowing, etc.

NEW Auto Segmentation

The new clear aligner update reduces processing time and the need for manual segmentation. The software now auto segments the scan into individual teeth in the background. You no longer need to help the computer process the data and instead, can spend more time on the design and clinical aspects of the case.

NEW Treatment Review

“Treatment Review” now allows doctors to clearly communicate their treatment vision to the labs, which in turn, can show the clinic their treatment proposal with a click of a button. This makes case communications more efficient for the doctor as they can approve your treatment proposal before you proceed further in the workflow.

NEW Automatic Wax-up

The analog step with applying wax on the printed models can be eliminated with the automatic wax-up feature which applies wax in the interproximal pockets and fills gaps between teeth in the design step. This can save several minutes for each aligner.

NEW Hollowing of models

The resin used for printing the models is one of the most expensive elements when producing aligners. The software can now automatically hollow out the models to a desired wall thickness, so you can save up to 40% on material consumption. The hollowed models are optimized and ready for printing.

NEW Exporting in background

It is now possible to export cases in the background from Virtual Setup, allowing you to start working on the next case right away, instead of having to wait for the export to complete.

NEW Patient Browser

The patient browser has received a makeover and now all Ortho System applications launch from one place. This includes the clear aligner workflow, indirect bonding, appliance design and the scanning application.

NEW Case States

Model sets have different case states depending on where in the workflow they are. Now you can filter and sort cases by case state. This is extremely helpful when the workflow is distributed amongst employees. It enables your technicians to filter and find cases or parts of the workflow they are responsible for.

NEW Production automation support

Users that have equipment available for them to automatically cut out the aligners* or laser engrave them with text or logos, can facilitate the data generated the system and use that in their production equipment.

NEW Improved IPR handling

The system can map an overlap between in the ideal setup as IPR. This now also works where teeth are extracted. This IPR can be postponed in the timeline and will influence the amount of overlap that the system displays.


Library of tutorials:
  • 3Shape Clear Aligner Studio Fundamentals: In this section we will give you an overview of the various steps that are required to scan, plan, design and produce aligners. We will also show you all the tools and features of 3Shape Clear Aligner Studio, so that you can quickly start offering clear aligner treatment to your patients.
  • Setup and administration: You can customize tools and features in the Control Panel. It is possible to setup movement constraints and other features which will assist you in complying with various design guidelines and automate different aspects of the design phase to speed up the design process.


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*Data for cutting of aligners automatically are not available for clinics buying the software.