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3Shape Unite — Software Updates
Overview of new features, improvements & changes

3Shape Unite 23.1

The newest version of 3Shape Unite will significantly help you to expand your digital workflows. One of the great new features in the new Unite update is the introduction of our brand new 3Shape Account. The 3Shape Account becomes your new single sign-in solution for accessing all 3Shape products and platforms. It will make it so much simpler and secure for you to take advantage of your own 3Shape solutions and the entire 3Shape ecosystem.

Read below how to set up your new 3Shape Account and check out all the other updates now available from 3Shape Unite.

NEW Introduction to the 3Shape Account in Unite

3Shape Account, previously known as 3Shape Communicate Account or 3Shape ID, is our new robust, secure, and single sign-in solution and your key to working with all 3Shape products and services. It is integrated into 3Shape Unite, meaning it becomes your single-entry point to all workflows and apps in 3Shape Unite.

Additionally, user management has been updated to a central cloud-based user management system. That means you can manage all your users from one place and in the future, find and enable new services with it. At the same time, you get a new state-of-the art sign-in for your 3Shape Unite account.



How to get started with 3Shape Account

  • Identify your 3Shape Account company role

Before you start your onboarding to 3Shape Account in Unite, get to know the Company concept, and define your company role using the following guide.

  • Company in 3Shape Account represents your clinic/organization in the 3Shape world and will serve as your identification when working with labs.
  • 3Shape Account user is a unique identity in the 3Shape ecosystem and represents each of your clinic’s employees who will be 3Shape users. A user can have different roles:
    • System administrator/Company owner should log in first, assign their company to the system and invite all other users to join the company.
    • Company members log in after the administrator and should accept or send a “request invite” to join the company and become an account user.

Note: If you are in doubt of your role, you can find more information here 3Shape Account profile.

  • Get started with 3Shape Account by using your existing account

In case you already have a 3Shape Account, 3Shape Communicate Account or 3Shape ID, an administrator will be asked to go through the first sign-in after you update. A guide will take you through the initial sign in.

The administrator will be asked to connect the Unite installation to a Company registered with a 3Shape Account. Once this is done, the administrator can start inviting colleagues to the Company. Colleagues can then create their own personal 3Shape Accounts to gain access to the entire 3Shape ecosystem in a simple and safe manner.

  • Get started with 3Shape Account by creating a new 3Shape Account

If you don’t have a 3Shape Account yet, you need to create one. You can do this by visiting 3Shape Account registration page here, add your information and click ‘Create my account’. Alternatively, you can create your 3Shape Account directly in 3Shape Unite after you have upgraded to version 23.1. A tutorial will guide you step-by-step. Start by clicking ‘Get started’ in the center of the Unite sign-in screen.

3Shape Account registration page

Create your 3Shape Account in Unite

  • Create your PIN for a safe access to Unite

To allow for an easy, fast, and secure everyday sign-in experience you will be asked to create a personal PIN code. The PIN is a 6-digit numerical code, which you create for each device you are using as part of the first sign in experience. So, for your everyday sign-ins you simply just click on your user avatar, type in your PIN, and you are ready to go.

For increased security, you will from time-to-time be asked to sign in with more than just your personal PIN. You will need to provide your full 3Shape Account credentials: email and password. Remember to securely save these.

Step 1: Choose your user avatar

Step 2: Type in your PIN code

  • Manage all Unite users with 3Shape Account

You can now manage your company and invite colleagues who are using your 3Shape solutions. To see an overview and make changes to company details, personal details, and/or users, please visit the Account profile page here.

  • General information: Review and update your personal 3Shape Account information.
  • Companies: An overview of Companies you are a member of. As an owner, you can review, edit, and invite new members to your company.
  • My consents: Review and manage what information you wish to receive from 3Shape.

NEW TRIOS Shade Measurement selection in the Guided Order Form

With the new 3Shape Unite update, you no longer need to guess the shade of the indication you are ordering from a lab.

Step 1: Select ‘Measure with TRIOS’ in the Guided Order. The tooth shade will be measured in the scanning step, added to your case, and sent to your preferred lab via 3Shape Communicate.

Step 2: Once the patient is scanned, you can enable the shade measurement with the ‘Shades’ button and add as many shades as you want including, Crown shade, stump shade, and extra shades of the neighboring teeth to provide better context.

Step 3: The shade measurement tool, when used inside the TRIOS software, generates screenshots with the shades clearly marked. You can review the shade measurement screenshots on the ‘Send’ page.

Step 4: The shade screenshots and comments are added to the printable order form and sent via 3Shape Communicate. This way your lab will be able to easily identify the shade and the source of information without having to open the full case in the 3Shape lab software.

Step 5: Finally, review the added shades, case instructions, and send to the lab by pressing the ‘Send’ button in Unite. Your case is visible both on the 3Shape Communicate portal and 3Shape Communicate mobile app.

Download 3Shape Communicate mobile app from:

Improved visualization of scans on the ‘Send’ page

Now, you can view scans with the same visualization tools as in the scanning step before sending the case to the lab.

You can choose between the following tools:

  • Upper and lower jaw (default slider choice)
  • Pre-preparation (for upper and lower jaw)
  • Abutment scan flags (for upper and lower jaw)
  • Post and core (for upper and lower jaw)

Improved guidance for non-post processed scans in the Patient Media Library

If you forget to post process your scans, the software will remind you by highlighting the scan that needs post processing in monochrome color. A note will remind you to post process the scan before you can move on to the next step in the treatment process.

NEW Option to use Patient Specific Motion and Bite scan for follow-up actions

Patient Specific Motion and the bite can provide more context for labs to assess and design the order requested. When you include the Patient Specific Motion scan with your order, you can help your lab better understand the patient's jaw movements, which can improve design and patient satisfaction with the result.

Improved loading time of media thumbnails in the Patient Media Library

New improvements to the Unite software speed up the time it takes for the software to load media in the Patient Media Library. You will now experience loading time only the first-time new media is introduced in patient media library. Thereafter, you will have quick access to preview or review scans.

First time

Second time

Improved user experience with auto-selection of newly generated scans in the Patient Media Library

Right after you have scanned and sent your case to the lab, when returning to the Patient Media Library, the newly generated scan will now be pre-selected, so that you can quickly repurpose it by just clicking on your preferred next action below – for instance, send it to the lab for a new case or go to TRIOS Patient Monitoring to engage your patient.

NEW Auto-generated screenshots of patient scans and shade measurements available in the Patient Media Library

View auto-generated screenshots of the upper, low, bite scans or the added shade measurements if you selected to measure shade with TRIOS. Having the auto-generated screenshots in the Patient Media Library, will strengthen the relation between the number of attachments for a given case that you plan on sending to a lab and what media you have kept on a patient in the Media Library, and even reuse them for future case creation.

Automatically generated images in patient media library

TRIOS Shade Measurement

NEW 30+ Practice Management integrations available

Do you want to save time and avoid manual errors when creating patients in 3Shape Unite? More than 30 Practice Management Systems (PMS) are now integrated with 3Shape Unite. These integrations allow you to create and select patients in 3Shape Unite directly from the patient journal/dental chart in your PMS.

Find your PMS integration as an App in the Unite Store or consult the 3Shape Help Center. If your PMS is missing, have your PMS vendor contact 3Shape via [email protected] to have us start an integration process.

NEW Easy access to view scans in your PMS (support depends on PMS)

View 2D images of postprocessed TRIOS scans directly from your PMS. Now you can see scans in your PMS to provide you with a centralized overview without even opening Unite. Functionality depends on your PMS. Demonstrated here with Dentrix Smart Image integration.

Improved Patient Merge dialogue

The greatly improved patient merge dialogue simplifies merging patient information between 3Shape Unite and your PMS. You are now also able to review which patient information will be overwritten, if at all, while deciding if you want to merge details with an existing patient or add a new one.

Improved Setup and guidance of PMS integrations

The improved setup step for Practice Management integrations now provides more user guidance when enabling a PMS integration. It links directly to the “how-to” guides in the 3Shape Help Center.

Improved Communicate Mobile App

The 3Shape Communicate Mobile App enables easier case management and lab collaboration at your fingertips - anytime, anywhere.

NEW Intuitive user interface for easy case management

Now you can easily find the case you’re looking for. You can filter the cases by collaborator and/or their logo in the case list overview. You can also see the status of your cases for increased order transparency. On top of that we have made it possible to select your preferred language.

NEW Dynamic case-centric communication – all in one place

Chat with your lab and add order assets such as patient images, also directly from your phone, while the patient is still in the chair. You can also annotate models for detailed input for your collaborator.

Download 3Shape Communicate app


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