The 3Shape TRIOS
is a win-win
all the way around,”

Dr. G. Franklin Shull, DMD, Lexington, South Carolina

Why go digital with 3Shape?

Dr.Vincent J. Prestipino

Think what you could do with this technology

Dr.Vincent J. Prestipino talks about the 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanner and digital technology in the practice.

about TRIOS

Dental patients talk about TRIOS®

Discover why patients prefer digital impression taking and will seek dentists that provide it.


TRIOS® - Is it easy to learn?

2 doctors speak openly about how easy it is to scan with TRIOS®.

1 in 2

dental practices are considering to buy a digital impression solution within the next 3 years.

*3Shape Marketing Survey 2016


of patients prefer the digital workflow (digital versus analog impression study).

*University of Bern, School of Dental Medicine Study

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Save time and costs on impression materials

"Restorations created from the digital process are delivered faster with a more precise fit and fewer adjustments. There is clearly a time savings," Dr. David Guichet, DDS, USA.

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Enjoy easy impression taking and eliminate retakes

“With many IO scanners, I needed to keep my hand completely steady. Any movement of the patient or my hand was enough to make the scan useless for clinical work. TRIOS® lets you to move naturally and you can touch the teeth while you scan because it is powder-free,” Dr. Simon Kold, Herning Implant Center.

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Get digital accuracy and omit manual errors

“Analog impressioning for the restoration of implants can be so inaccurate. You can never capture implant position and angulation precisely. With digital, there’s no chance for distortion. It’s completely correct and enormously valuable,” Dr. Jonathan L. Ferencz, Prosthodontist, USA.

Read interview with Dr. Jonathan L. Ferencz, USA


traditional FPD impressions have one or more detectable errors.

*Harvard School of Dental Medicine Study


cheaper for direct treatment costs in digital workflow.

*University of Bern, School of Dental Medicine Study

Innovative design for superior patient care

Insane speed wireless

Morten Ryde Holm-Hansen

TRIOS is the most powerful system out there.

Give get grow

Give Get Grow

It all starts with a great impression.

TRIOS showroom 2017

Digital impressions

Digital impressions just got so much better.


Save time and see more patients

"CAD/CAM's effect on my practice has been tremendous. We save time. Time where the doctors can be seeing other patients or leaving the office early", Dr. Jonathan L. Ferencz.

Read an interview with Dr. Jonathan L. Ferencz

Improve patient experience

Improve patient experience and comfort

“I have a patient who dreads taking traditional impressions because of his gag-reflex. I’ve even had difficulty scanning him with scanners. However, with TRIOS® I can stop, let him relax and then re-start when he is ready. He is definitely a big fan of TRIOS®,” Dr. Wendy AuClair Clark, DDS, MS, USA.

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TRIOS® is more than an impression


See our new TRIOS Wireless

Enjoy the freedom of wireless intraoral scanning with TRIOS 3 Wireless. Same speed, accuracy, and technology but wireless. Impress your patients with fast, easy, and accurate real-color impressions. Discover more about TRIOS®

Check out 3Shape Academy Training Specialist, Morten Ryde Holm-Hansen’s top ten list of intraoral scanning questions

TRIOS "Best of Class" Award 2017

3Shape TRIOS #1 five years in a row

3Shape TRIOS® has won the Cellerant "Best of Class" Technology Award for intraoral scanners for an unprecedented five years in a row (2013-17).

“The 3Shape TRIOS team continues to impress the panel with its commitment to innovation. This year TRIOS added new apps that improve insight and the digital workflow, as well as introducing the industry’s first and only wireless intraoral scanner,”
Dr. Lou Shuman, creator and founder of the Cellerant "Best of Class” Award.

educating your patients

Educating your patient

“The best patient is an educated patient.
So now when I need to show a patient a problem, instead of taking out the camera, I reach for TRIOS®. We can see so much information because we can enlarge the scan. It’s like looking through loupes. The patient asks me, what should I do? I say let’s schedule a crown and “boom!” It’s a very convincing demonstration,” Dr. Jonathan L. Ferencz, prosthodonist, USA.


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