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3Shape Orthodontic Planner 

Intuitive orthodontic diagnosis and treatment analysis 

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It doesn’t only enable you to analyze, communicate and share cases digitally – it also lets you document your cases for archiving, reimbursement and duplication purposes. 3Shape Orthodontic Planner is your intuitive orthodontic diagnosis and analysis solution.


Digital accuracy 
Base your clinical decisions on the accuracy of digital model analysis and the advantage of predictable workflows.
Guided workflows
Easy, step-by-step guided workflows for model analysis and treatment planning.  
Everything in one place
Save TRIOS and CBCT scans, 2D pictures, analysis, and case and reimbursement documentation in one place.

What is Orthodontic Planner

Digitize your orthodontic analysis

Going digital brings accuracy to your model analysis and treatment planning. By combining surface and CBCT scans you create a three-dimensional assessment of your patient’s morphology. And because you start your case with a digital impression, you eliminate the need for study model storage space, you’re more environmentally-friendly, and you have permanent case documentation for records, reimbursement and duplication purposes.

For your patients, starting treatment with a digital impression means a more comfortable, faster and impressive appointment-experience. On top of that, communication and treatment acceptance will improve noticeably. 

What you will get

Complete digital recordings
Start the analysis with a complete digital recording of your patient: merge TRIOS surface and CBCT scans and add 2D pictures. 
Wide range of analytic tools
Make analysis simple with guided workflows such as arc shapes, overjet/overbite, Bolton ratios, occlusion, and spaces.
A great scan is just the beginning

3Shape Unite is the workflow engine that unlocks a world of possibilities with your scan. From digital impression to treatment conclusion, it unites everything in between.

  • Treatments made simple. From start to finish.
  • Dental apps made accessible. From everyday use to exceptional cases.

Get training and help

If you are new to digital orthodontics, we are here to help.

Bring it all together

Take the next step with your orthodontic services and bring diagnosis, treatment and analysis together. 
The TRIOS Ready Ortho program

Contact us or ask your reseller regarding availability of 3Shape products in your region.