Get more open options with 3Shape TRIOS Treatment Simulator

TRIOS Treatment Simulator

Simulate treatment for both clear aligners and brackets
Connect to 25+ orthodontic treatment providers

Stay up-to-date

with TRIOS patient excitement apps

Keep me informed

Engage patients with our 3d intraoral scanner and software solutions

Excite patients and advance treatment acceptance

Show your patients the envisioned results of their orthodontic treatment, and advance acceptance of their recommended treatment plans. Patients can view their current dentition transform into a beautiful smile, onscreen and in full color.


Don't settle for less – expand your choice

TRIOS Treatment Simulator can be used to simulate treatment for both clear aligners and brackets. After simulation, the TRIOS scan can be sent to more than 25 integrated orthodontic treatment providers, including ClearCorrect and a growing list of TRIOS Ready Ortho labs.

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TSD Smile Designer

Show patients their future smile with 3Shape TRIOS Smile

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Provide better preventative care with 3Shape TRIOS Patient Monitoring

Provide better preventative care with 3Shape TRIOS Patient Monitoring

Compare a patient's scans between different visits to monitor developments in their dental status.

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