3Shape Clear Aligner Enterprise

3Shape Clear Aligner Enterprise

An all-in-one digital clear aligner enterprise solution

3Shape Clear Aligner Enterprise solution enables you to create a scalable and flexible digital clear aligner workflow that suits your business goals. A comprehensive software solution for designing clear aligners, with quick turnaround times and enhanced patient experience.


All-in-one digital workflow

A comprehensive platform with a suite of features to ensure an intuitive and smooth design workflow.

Efficient case handling and treatment planning

Take full control of the workflow from scanning to treatment planning with the state-of-the-art platform, and efficiently handle cases while improving patient experience.

Intuitive digital production preparation

An intuitive workflow that enables you to prepare digital production files for printing, cutting and marking aligners.

Digital workflow

The Clear Aligner Enterprise value chain allows you to save time and enhance patient experience.

  1. Scan
  2. Order & review
  3. Plan treatment
  4. Digital production preparation


TRIOS intraoral scanner
TRIOS Treatment Simulator
E-series lab scanner

TRIOS intraoral scanner

TRIOS intraoral scanner

Start your clear aligner process off with a great scan.

  • Enjoy high-quality scans and bite registration for fewer rescans, less scan clean-up, and a more efficient design and setup process

  • Provide seamless user experience from scanning to simulation and case submission

  • Engage your patients by sharing the scan image in real time with TRIOS MOVE+


TRIOS Treatment Simulator

TRIOS Treatment Simulator

Simulate treatments to increase case acceptance rates.

  • Simulate and adjust treatment outcomes while your patient is in the chair

  • Immediately load the simulation on screen, in realistic colors

  • Grow your profitability by significantly increasing treatment acceptance rates


E-series lab scanner

E-series lab scanner

Boost productivity with high speed and accuracy.

  • Scan impressions faster than ever with the E4 scanner

  • Efficient workflows integrated to downstream processes


Order & review




Enable your doctors to collaborate with you seamlessly throughout the treatment planning process:

  • Offer your doctors, whether digital or analogue, seamless collaboration

  • Integrate all your doctors’ TRIOS scans to an easy-to-use web platform

  • Handle all clear aligner cases on one platform




Offer your doctors seamless collaboration with Treatment Review, with the ability to:

  • Review and request changes to treatment proposals

  • View stages in a 3D viewer

  • Review a detailed overview of movements, attachments and IPR

Simplify your digital workflows by:

  • Sending treatment proposals with just one click

  • Saving up to 20 minutes per case

  • Enabling seamless doctor-designer communication with external design services and manufacturers


Plan treatment


Setup & staging

Setup & staging

Enhance your setup and staging productivity. Put treatment planners in full control through:

  • Automatic sub-setups, attachment placement and IPR reporting

  • Real-time collision detection and movement constraints

  • Improved adjustments and visualizations of tooth movements, with setup and staging assistance


Outsource to design services 

Enjoy the flexibility that comes with outsourcing. Take advantage of FullContour design services and get designs made by trained treatment planning specialists.

Digital production preparation


Digital production preparation

Digital production preparation

Superior digital production preparation enables you to prepare production files.

3Shape provides:
  • Print-ready hollowed files*

  • Automatic wax-up

  • Digital data to label aligners with ID tags

  • Files for cutting and marking aligners**


Validated Technology Partners


More Partners

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Ortho-Automation Cutting

Solution implementation

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