3Shape Clear Aligner Enterprise

An all-in-one enterprise clear aligner solution

The 3Shape clear aligner enterprise solution enables you to create a scalable and flexible clear aligner workflow that suits your business goals. A comprehensive software solution designed for creating high-quality clear aligners, with quick turnaround times and enhanced patient experience.


All your workflows in one platform

A comprehensive platform with the powerful Enterprise Command Center that ensures an intuitive and smooth workflow.

Efficient case handling and treatment planning

Take full control of the workflow from scanning to treatment planning with the state-of-the-art platform, and efficiently handle cases while improving patient experience.

Automate the entire workflow

Intuitive production APIs that enable customers to automate the entire workflow, including engraving, cutting, and finishing the aligners to a high standard.

Workflow steps

Clear Aligner Enterprise value chain allows you to save time and enhance patient experience.

TRIOS intraoral scanner – With TRIOS, best-in-class scanning technology, you get the best scan quality, better bite registration, and less scan cleanup. Do fewer re-scans and save time in treatment planning.

TRIOS Treatment Simulator – Grow your profitability by significantly increasing treatment acceptance rates. Clear Aligner Enterprise customers can further benefit from being branded inside the TRIOS Treatment Simulator, for increased brand awareness.

Lab scanner – Boost your business productivity with the faster-than-ever E4 scanners. With the superior scanning technology, avoid rescans and improve workflow efficiency and integration with consequent processes.

Order – Easy-to-access portal on 3Shape Communicate enables doctors to create new clear aligner cases, upload photos, x-rays and intraoral scans, and use the intuitive online Rx form. With 3Shape TRIOS, the workflow becomes even simpler as scans are uploaded automatically with no need for the double entry of data and direct feedback on the status of the case.

Treatment review – Treatment Review is browser based and therefore accessible where and whenever needed. It enables doctors to review and request changes to treatment plans ensuring seamless doctor-designer collaboration with external design services and manufacturers.

Treatment planning

Setup & staging – Doing treatment planning in a high volume environment sets high demands on the treatment planning software. Treatment planners are in full control of setup and staging using real-time collision detection, staging visualisation, movement constraints, and automatic sub-setups and attachments.

Production preparation – Clear Aligner Enterprise offers production files with custom fixtures, labelling and ID tagging for Optical Character Recognition, as well as output of engraving and cutting information for automation ready production equipment to process.

Design Services – Enjoy the flexibility that comes with outsourcing. Take advantage of FullContour design services through the design platform, and get designs made by trained treatment planning specialists.

Scale for growth with automated manufacturing

3D print automation

Automate the "3D printing" aspect to maximize equipment utilization and flexibility.

Parts marking

Thermoform and part mark aligners with ID tags to produce high quality clear aligners.

Cutting automation

Automatically cut the aligners for consistent quality and improved productivity.

Outsourced production

Easily submit cases to external manufacturers, through integrated workflows. And keep the communication lines open through the platform to ensure consistency of quality and desirable results.

Enterprise Platform

One platform to cover all aspects of an industrial-scale clear aligner business

The Clear Aligner Enterprise Command Center is at the heart of the operation and is at the heart of the Clear Aligner Enterprise platform. It enables advanced case handling, task orchestration and dispatching. Manage team and individual roles and assign specific roles to certain tasks for tailored workflows that suit your specific enterprise needs.

Case input is also handled here, with a direct ERP API enabling your own ERP to create cases, assign roles, tasks and priorities automatically. For manufacturing, production equipment (printers, mills, engraving machines) can automatically request the next available print job, cutting file, etc. based on the priority set.

The Clear Aligner Enterprise platform also includes access to BI dashboards, enabling monitoring of workforce performance, equipment, and case statistics. This provides full workflow transparency and optimal conditions for continuous improvements.

Solution implementation

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