3Shape Indirect Bonding Studio 

Bracket placement with real-time outcome prediction

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Bracket placement takes precision. Digital indirect bonding enables you to load all brackets simultaneously using a bonding tray, which saves chair time and increases patient comfort. In addition, 3Shape Indirect Bonding Studio gives you digital precision and real-time outcome prediction.


Access 700+ bracket libraries 

Indirect Bonding Studio comes with the largest selection of original bracket libraries available - more than 700 original bracket libraries from 25+ vendors. 

Setup-based bracket placement

Choose the bracket library and arch forms you prefer. Digital Indirect Bonding automatically adjusts your patient’s malocclusion to create your ideal setup with just a few clicks.

Improve patient dialogue

Improve patient dialogue and boost treatment acceptance by enabling your patients to see their actual teeth in realistic colors onscreen. 

Powered by TRIOS

Digital impressions ensure high quality of your bonding tray. Our award-winning TRIOS intraoral scanners offer unrivaled accuracy and come with a wide range of orthodontic analysis, treatment planning and production software.

What is Indirect bonding Studio

Place brackets with digital precision

In conventional orthodontic workflows, patients need to have a physical impression taken or sit in the chair as brackets are directly bonded, one by one. Using a bonding tray as an intermediary step means that you can load all brackets simultaneously, saving you chair time.

Switching to a digital workflow with Indirect Bonding Studio software makes bracket placement comfortable for patients and gives you digital precision. It also features an intuitive, visually-guided workflow with full user control to aid with precision and predictability.

What you will get

Original libraries integrated

Choose your preferred bracket libraries from 700+ original integrated libraries from 25+ vendors.

Guided workflow based on your preferences

Create and save your ideal setup – the software guides you through the rest based on your preferences. Any adjustments are simple, as the software automatically makes the corresponding changes in the bracket placement.

Print bonding trays in-house

You can print bonding trays directly with your own 3D printer.

Indirect Bonding Studio in action

Watch the demo to see how Indirect Bonding Studio can help your orthodontics workflow with an intuitive, step-by-step workflow. 


Unrivaled open ecosystem

Choosing an open system is one of the best ways to secure access to the most up-to-date technology, materials, partners and prices. With 3Shape, you can directly connect with your preferred partners and secure the most cost-effective and relevant options for your practice. From treatment workflows to design services, libraries or 3rd party manufacturing equipment – it’s all just a click away.

Integrated bracket libraries

Access to 700+ integrated bracket libraries. You choose the treatment you prefer for your patients.

Orthodontic Labs

Clinics can cloud-connect to any TRIOS Ready Ortho Lab. Send files with a click and discuss and review cases from any location.
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TRIOS intraoral scans

Our software works with TRIOS intraoral scan files.
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Get training and help

If you are new to digital orthodontics, we are here to help.

Faster in total treatment time

“It’s a more comfortable process for the patients and I need to do far less repositioning of my brackets during the treatment. That benefits me in my finishing and it usually also means the process is faster in terms of total treatment time,” says Lars Christensen.

Go the indirect way

Now is the time to take the next step with your orthodontic services. Get happier patients and a more predictable workflow. 
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