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CliniCare services and digital dentistry

3Shape Clinicare

3Shape CliniCare™

CliniCare™ keeps you up to date with the latest advances in digital dentistry. Included as part of your annual subscription.


Expert training

From the first day, TRIOS® experts will install your system, help you connect to the lab, and demonstrate scanning techniques. From then on, the 3Shape Academy and partners can provide educational seminars, hands-on training, webinars, and tips & tricks.

Unlimited upgrades

We include unlimited software upgrading as an integral part of the CliniCare™ package to automatically and regularly empower your TRIOS® system with the latest indications, impression tools, and new features that enhance the user experience and clinical performance.

Global support

CliniCare™ gives users access to 3Shape’s worldwide network of authorized support experts, providing rapid assistance in your local language and time-zone. We wish to ensure that 3Shape users anywhere can easily reach us when the need arises and receive regional hardware maintenance and diagnostic services by authorized technicians.

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You are in safe hands: the best experts, unlimited upgrades and worldwide support.
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