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TRIOS Services

Learning, support and service that come with 3Shape TRIOS

Looking to get the most out of your TRIOS?

With TRIOS comes after-sales care from the teams who have your goals in mind. Benefit from our learning offerings and customer care support, and take advantage of a service package that meets your needs.

We’ve got you covered

As your needs change and your clinic develops, maximize your TRIOS solutions with professional training, 1-1 consultation, and self-study programs.
Whatever the topic, our solution experts are always available to support and guide you. Helping you get the very best out of your TRIOS scanner.
Service plans
Use your TRIOS with complete peace-of-mind. Choose the full-coverage TRIOS Care service plan to fully protect your investment.

Learning with TRIOS 

What does 3Shape Academy do?

Our learning institute, 3Shape Academy, covers all possible digital dentistry learning needs with professional training, one-to-one consultation, and self-study programs. Every clinic is different, after all. A small clinic that just started with intraoral scanning has different learning goals than a multi-dentist clinic that has been using 3Shape TRIOS for a few years.

How to install the hardware and the CAD/CAM software?

When you receive your scanner, you will find a QR code on the package that leads you to an installation guide. This guide is interactive and will walk you through all the steps required to install your scanner.

Who will help me and my team learn how to take an intraoral scan?

Depending on the country you are in, you will either be onboarded by your reseller or by one of 3Shape's own Customer Success Managers. 3Shape's Onboarding program is a 3-month program that gives you personal, 1-1 guidance and ensures you have the basics covered.

Does 3Shape offer ongoing digital dentistry training?

In digital dentistry, you're never done learning. That's why 3Shape offers training materials in every phase of your journey. After you've been onboarded, you can optimize and expand your skills with our webinars, get online digital dentistry training, book one-to-one consultancy if you're on TRIOS Care, or participate in instructor-led training nearby.

Can I get one-to-one coaching or digital dentistry consultancy?

If you are on TRIOS Care, you get a yearly one-to-one session with a Dental Expert.

Is there free digital dentistry training available?

Yes. The 3Shape Community portal is the place where you can access a wealth of training material on digital dentistry. It gives you access to product training so you can get comfortable with our scanners and software, and offers treatment training covering entire digital dentistry workflows, from restorations to esthetics and dentures.

Support with TRIOS

Where do I find user manuals for your products?

All our product user manuals, including the TRIOS User Manual and our Safety & Setup guides, are organized per product on our support documentation page.

Can I get support with 3Shape directly?

Yes. No one knows TRIOS better than 3Shape, after all. Our team of customer care agents are available via email, telephone, and if you wish to find a solution yourself, our knowledge base covers a range of topics that will allow you to quickly solve your problem.

When to reach out for my reseller for support?

That's up to you! If you still have your subscriptions managed via your reseller (which is not the case for everyone), we do recommend you reach out to them for help regarding payments and renewals. But for anything else you can always reach out to us.

How long is the waiting time to get support?

We aim to be quick. In fact, 81% of our calls are answered within 60 seconds. And 70% of support cases are solved in less than 4 hours. Sometimes it might take a little longer, but rest assured we do everything we can to resolve your case.

Is support for free?

It is free if you are on TRIOS Care, our full-coverage service plan. If you are on TRIOS Only, you need to pay for support on a case-by-case basis. Costs vary per region, so we recommend checking in with your local customer care agent for current pricing.

What type of support do you offer?

Our team of customer care agents consists of first-line generalists as well as second-line specialist customer care agents. You can get help with basic questions, administration, and with technical issues or general troubleshooting.

In which languages and timezones can I get support?

We offer support in 9 languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Our team is spread across Latin and North American, EMEA and Asia-Pacific timezones, so it's likely you will be able to speak to someone in your own language during your workday.

Can I help troubleshoot issues myself?

Yes, absolutely! We have an active 3Shape Community where members help each other with sparring and exchanging knowledge. You can follow discussions on the forum without being logged in, but if you want to contribute yourself, you need to have a 3Shape Account and be logged in.

Service with TRIOS

Is support and warranty included in the price?

Yes, it is, if you are on our TRIOS Care service package. You will get unlimited support and up to 5 years warranty, in case something should happen. If you have a scan-only agreement with us, you need to pay for support on a case-by-case basis.

Will my scanner get replaced if it breaks?

Yes, if you are on our TRIOS Care service package, you will get express replacement which is within 48 hours in most countries. A replacement will be with a similar scanner in a refurbished condition; however, regulations in certain jurisdictions require us to repair the original scanner. In these cases, we will strive to provide a loaner scanner during the repair process.

What else is included with TRIOS Care?

You will get accidental drop coverage, discounts on additional subscriptions, a bespoke onboarding program, plus an annual session with a Dental Expert. The annual session with a Dental Expert can be used as personal training on a topic of your choice, to maximize your TRIOS efficiency.

What happens to customers that are on a CliniCare subscription?

TRIOS Care and TRIOS Only will be available to CliniCare customers on expiration of active CliniCare agreements. Switching from TRIOS CliniCare will require a minimum 24-months commitment to TRIOS Care before being eligible for TRIOS Only.

What to do when I experience issues with my subscription renewal?

If you are experiencing issues with your TRIOS subscriptions renewal, it may be related to your subscription and service relation being moved from your reseller to 3Shape. As of 2022, it is possible to handle administration of subscriptions directly with 3Shape in the USA, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Spain or Great Britain. In our FAQ, we have outlined the different scenarios and solutions. If you are not in any the countries listed above, you should contact your reseller for any subscription-related questions.

What is the level of flexibility for customization of my scanner setup?

TRIOS comes in 3 different models, each representing a different generation of intraoral scanning. The model you choose, determines whether you have a wired or a wireless scanner. All models come with patient engagement apps. Outside of that, you have options to customize your scanner in a POD or MOVE+ setup, and purchase add-on software for in-house dentistry.

How do I get access to upgrades of the scanner?

Upgrades of your TRIOS scanner software and Unite, the dental platform on which TRIOS runs, can be installed by responding to the prompt in your software. If you are looking to upgrade your hardware, you can often benefit from trade-up offers (via your reseller or our webshop) giving you a discount on your next TRIOS.