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3shape x1 cbct scanner

3Shape X1

A new level of precision

Image quality is critical for superior diagnostics. The 3Shape X1® is a game-changer in CBCT imaging designed to help you achieve dental excellence.

A premium, all-in-one scanner

Uniquely clear images

Innovations including 3Shape Movement Correction technology and dynamic field of view (FOV) combined with powerful reconstruction software deliver exceptionally clear and sharp diagnostics. 
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Unrivaled open ecosystem

Take advantage of integrated digital workflows to scan, diagnose, plan treatment, then design and produce surgical guides and appliances.

Award-winning design

Scandinavian design and intelligent features for patient comfort place your clinic at the cutting-edge of dental care.

What is the X1?

Your chance to stand out

Your choice of dental imaging technology determines your ability to offer best-in-class patient care. The 3Shape X1 is a premium, all-in-one CBCT scanner that incorporates the latest in dental CBCT technology to help your practice stand out.

Packed with the latest technology

The X1 comes packed with the latest technology to give you unrivaled image clarity, a 360° digital patient view, and integration with an ever-growing number of open systems to unlock all that digital dentistry has to offer.

Unique movement correction technology

3Shape’s Movement Correction technology combines our 3D head tracking system with powerful, iterative CBCT 3D reconstruction software. Head tracking measures patient movement during scanning, and powerful reconstruction software readjusts for any motion to deliver sharp CBCT, panoramic, and 3D face scans.

Superior image quality

X1 offers excellent CBCT, panoramic and 3D face scans to give you all the data you need for ultra-sharp diagnostics and treatment planning

CBCT particle rendering

Select your preferred 3D volume rendering and get photorealistic CBCT scans.

Dynamic field of view (FOV)

Fully adjustable Field of View from Ø2x2 cm up to Ø15x15 cm. Our dynamic Field of View allows you to select and scan the most important anatomical details -and only those- minimizing the dose. 2D scout helps you scan precisely what you need to see.

Open ecosystem for efficient workflows

The 3Shape X1 CBCT scanner improves efficiency by integrating seamlessly with the 3Shape ecosystem. This streamlines your workflow and gives you the opportunity to provide more efficient treatment services while keeping patients in-house. Connect with the widest range of preferred partners for all indications and secure the best and most cost-effective options for your business.

360° digital views

Combine 3Shape X1® CBCT, panoramic scans, 3D face scans and 3Shape TRIOS® intraoral scans to create 360° digital views of your patient for improved diagnostics, treatment planning, and communication with patients and partners. 

“The X1 offers super fast scanning and sharp image quality. The Movement Correction algorithms adjust even the smallest motion artifacts automatically.”

Dr. Torsten Seidenstricker, Switzerland 


Award-winning design

The X1 blends intelligent patient features and beautiful Scandinavian design to put your clinic at the cutting edge of dental care.

Are you ready? 

Contact one of our resellers to benefit from this revolution in CBCT. 

X1 is not cleared by the FDA for clinical use in the US.
The 3Shape X1 Scanner is currently available in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Denmark.