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Scanning every patient every time makes perfect sense with TRIOS Patient Monitoring

Interview with Dr. Alan Jurim

TRIOS Patient Monitoring* is an app included free with 3Shape TRIOS® intraoral scanners. The app enables doctors to compare side-by-side intraoral scans taken over time. TRIOS Patient Monitoring quantifies any changes in dental status and visualizes and highlights the changes onscreen. The app provides professionals with an entirely new way to first, care for their patients but also, engage with them and if needed, bring treatment proposals to life .

Danish dentist, Dr. Majken Wahl talking about Patient Monitoring says: “We can now put digital models on top of each other, showing patients how much has been worn away. This highly improves acceptance for treatment.”

USA doctor, Dr. Alan Jurim spoke with 3Shape about TRIOS Patient Monitoring and the innovative ways he uses it with patients and in his practice.

Since putting Patient Monitoring into use, Dr. Jurim now advises colleagues to, intraoral “scan every patient, every time.” Using the app, Dr. Jurim can compare scans for the early-stage detection of dental conditions as well as document any oral developments and track treatment progression and results over time. The app makes this easier to do.

Dr. Jurim: “As a primary tool, TRIOS Patient Monitoring allows us to unlock additional information that we already have recorded in our patient scans. The more information or data that we can record when digitizing our patients means more data for building better treatment plans.

That is a very important part of the TRIOS ecosystem, especially with the release of the new TRIOS 4 intraoral scanner.” (TRIOS 4 is the world’s first scanner with caries diagnostic aid technology** for both surface and interproximal caries. Plans call for the Patient Monitoring app to track caries development as well.)

Dr. Jurim: “Our ability to record more information in the same scanning setup that we have already established for our patients, just brings more value to the overall scanning process.

I think it becomes very useful for the patient to see their scans and evaluate themselves. It’s one thing for the dentist to talk to the patient about their care and/or about their oral health routine, but when we see it up on the screen together, it becomes a very powerful tool for both the patients and the team. The app shows us how we can, in many cases, provide optimal treatment for them.”

Patient engagement

Dr. Jurim: “Engaging patients is always a challenge. Especially when it comes to trying to convey what we’re seeing or why we are recommending a certain treatment or restorative plan. I think that our ability to share information using Patient Monitoring makes it clearer for patients. They better understand their situation and it enhances the whole treatment and the process leading up to treatment. It’s a win-win for the office when we, as professionals, can gain better insight. But it’s also important to be able to share that insight visually with the patient.

Another great application for TRIOS Patient Monitoring we have found is with patients that have had treatment in the past. For example, if a patient with a smile veneer makeover that was done five years ago returns with complaints that things had changed, moved, or become a problem. With the app, we can go back in time and perform an analysis. This can teach us, as clinicians, that things have indeed changed, and pinpoint where the changes occurred. And conversely and maybe just as importantly, document to the patient that things may not have changed. It’s very valuable insight to share with the patient. It allows us to discuss and provide solutions based on what we are seeing together.

Simply put, TRIOS Patient Monitoring has become a valuable tool for us to share clinical information internally amongst our team, as well as externally with laboratories, specialists, and importantly, our patients.”

*TRIOS Patient Monitoring is included with TRIOS 3 and TRIOS 4 intraoral scanner models, with the exception of TRIOS 3 Basic. Availability of TRIOS Patient Monitoring dependent on regulatory status.
**Caries diagnostic aid for surface caries is not cleared by the FDA for clinical use in the USA. Caries diagnostic aid for interproximal caries detection not yet available.