3Shape TRIOS 4

Our most powerful intraoral scanner to date

Caries detection aid - identify possible surface and interproximal caries*, without radiation

Scan 2-3 times more patients per battery with instant-heat smart tips that enable 30% more battery life

Enable preventive care with TRIOS 4

Take your dentistry beyond treatment

Our intraoral scanning solutions allow you to take your dentistry beyond. The new 3Shape TRIOS® 4 combines our established superior scanning technology with groundbreaking caries diagnostic aid technology* for both surface and interproximal caries. No additional scanning device needed.


Caries diagnostic aid




TRIOS 4 has built-in fluorescent technology that aids in the identification of possible caries. Using TRIOS 4, dental professionals can now be aided in the early-detection of surface caries, without the need for an additional scanning device.


TRIOS 4 will also feature a dedicated transillumination smart tip later this year. The smart tip will aid in the identification of possible interproximal caries undetectable to eye, without emitting radiation, and is the first launch within 3Shape’s new smart tip platform.

Smart tips

The new generation of TRIOS smart tips feature instant-heat technology for optimized scanning.

Be scan-ready in seconds with instant-heat technology.

Scan 2-3 times as many patients with instant-heat in combination with 30% more battery life.

Optimal scanning due to automatic use counter and tip-change alert.

TRIOS 4 Specifications

Trueness (Accuracy)1 6.9 ± 0.9 μm
Precision (consistency) 4.5 ± 0.9 µm
Weight / wired 345g
Weight / wireless 375g (incl. battery)
Light source LED
Output format DCM and STL

Excitement apps

TRIOS Patient Monitoring
TRIOS Smile Design
TRIOS Treatment Simulator

TRIOS Patient Monitoring for frontline prevention

TRIOS Patient Monitoring for frontline prevention

TRIOS Patient Monitoring allows you to scan every patient every time to accurately track changes in teeth and aid the early identification of dental conditions sooner. Share visual monitoring information with patients to advance their understanding of issues and the need for treatment.

Progress over two years

Show future smiles

Show future smiles

Use TRIOS Smile Design to design your patient's beautiful new smile in just minutes, based on a photo of your patient’s face. Share the photorealistic results with your patient to align expectations and stimulate treatment acceptance.

Grow orthodontic treatment 

Grow orthodontic treatment 

With TRIOS Treatment Simulator, you scan your patient to show them their present dentition and then compare to the expected results of orthodontic treatment to gain greater case approval.


Do more with the right software 

Grow your business by producing in-house with TRIOS Studio apps. 

TRIOS Design Studio®

Design and produce a broad range of indications, including standard and screw-retained crowns*, inlays, veneers and three-unit bridges.

Implant Studio®

Plan, design and print custom surgical guides and temporary screw-retained crowns* in one workflow.

Splint Studio®*

Design and produce splints, night guards, protectors and similar dental appliances with a simple, fast and intuitive workflow.

Clear Aligner Studio®

Access a complete solution that enables you to design and produce clear aligners in your clinic, with a high return on investment potential.

Indirect Bonding Studio®

Plan bracket placement, and design and produce transfer media for indirect bonding.

Compare our intraoral scanners 

TRIOS comes in three different models. Go for preventive care technology or start with our entry-level scanning solution… and everything in between!
TRIOS 3 Basic

Go Beyond

Go Beyond

Go Beyond

  • Superior scanning technology
  • Unrivaled open system
Trios 3 basic
  • Superior scanning technology
  • Unrivaled open system
  • Patient excitement apps
  • In-house design and production
Trios 3
  • Superior scanning technology
  • Unrivaled open system
  • Patient excitement apps
  • In-house design and production
  • Caries diagnostic aid and monitoring tools*
  • Preventative care possibilities
Trios 4

What you should know about quality

We've collected and summarized clinical studies comparing intraoral scanner brands, and put together an information-packed webinar on what it means to go beyond treatment. Get access to resources like these now! 

Are you ready to take your dentistry beyond treatment?

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*Caries diagnostic aid for surface caries, Abutment Design for the design of screw retained crowns are not cleared by the FDA for clinical use in the USA. 
Caries diagnostic aid for interproximal caries detection is scheduled for release in 2020.
Contact your reseller regarding availability of 3Shape products in your region.
118 in vivo and in vitro studies (between 2015 and 2018). Data on file.

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