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3Shape Design Service

Efficiently boost your business with our custom dental design service
Design Service is a custom solution to outsource to dental professionals. Design Service gives you the flexibility to send exceptional case types or handle excess during peaks to a professional designer in one of our design centers.

Benefits of using 3Shape Design Service

Scale your business

Scale your business by outsourcing exceptional case types to dental professionals who see these case types every day.

Optimize time & resources

Optimize your workflow with flexible access to dental professionals, ensuring timely results during peak periods.

A custom solution

We will work with you to find the best fit to make your business run at its most efficient.

Our services

Crown + Bridge
The Crown & Bridge design service is 3Shape Design Service’s legacy offering. With over 5 Million units designed over the last 10 years, laboratories can feel confident when outsourcing their restoration designs.

From USD 5 for single crown*

Our offerings



Standard crown design
Our standard crown design includes abutment, bridge, copings, crowns, inlay, onlay, post & core, screw retained frame, temporary pontic, veneer.

All on X design
Our All on X specialized design team is here to help you on your large implant retained cases. Whether you are currently offering Hybrids to your clinicians or want to get started, we’ve got you covered!

Lucid premium crown design
Utilize our LUCID premium design offering for your large mouth cases. We’ve created a unique design guide that allows you to communicate exactly what you desire on all your high esthetic design cases.

The process: you provide us with the scans and design guide, we deliver editable 3Shape design files and STL files ready for production.

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Clear Aligners and Orthodontics
Our Orthodontics division is led by designers with 15+ years of Orthodontic experience. Whether you are looking for clear aligner designs, bracket removal, model cleanup, nightguards or splint designs, we have you covered!

From USD 99 for clear aligners*

Our offerings



Clear aligner design
Get a fast and efficient start to start offering or scale your clear aligner services to your customers! Our technicians have over 15+ years of experience with clear aligner design and are here to help you succeed!

Splint design
An occlusal Splint is a functioning mouth guard, used to relax jaw muscles related to TMJ and to prevent grinding of one's teeth. Our splint design offerings are completely customized to your exact needs using our design guide for full customization of fit and function.

The process: you provide us with the scans and treatment objective or design guide, we deliver a proposal for your review, plus editable and STL files ready for production.

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Nightguard design
Nightguards are specifically designed to combat all forms of night grinding and clenching. Our team of specialized orthodontic designers, will provide you with a final printable file designed to your exact needs, ready for instant manufacturing.

Bracket removal design
Save an appointment by utilizing our bracket removal service. Our technicians digitally remove brackets for retainers providing you with a streamlined workflow that saves you time.


Guided Implant Surgery
Led by Doctors, 3Shape Design Service offers implant planning and surgical guide designs. With guided implant surgery, we will plan and design your surgical guide from single units, bridges, fully or pilot guided surgeries based on your instructions and needs.

From USD 99 for implant guide design*

Our offerings



Tooth borne guided implant surgery
We offer surgical guides for your fully edentulous cases. Utilize this service for your larger all-on-four cases.

Fully edentulous guided implant surgery (bone supported)
We offer surgical guides for your fully edentulous cases. Utilize this service for your larger all-on-four cases.

Fully edentulous guided implant surgery (tissue supported)
We offer surgical guides for your fully edentulous cases. Utilize this service for your larger all-on-four cases.

The process: you provide us with the scans, protocol and implant type, we deliver a proposal for your review, plus print ready STL file and a PDF of the treatment plan.

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With the latest advancement in 3D printing technology and materials you can now utilize our Removables design service. Digitize your removable department with our removable service offerings.

From USD 40 for dentures*

Our offerings



Digital Dentures
Doing digital denture designs has never been easier. Select the exact preferences you like on your dentures and send your scans, a dedicated team of specialists will create the design based on your needs.

The process: you provide us with the scans and design guide, we deliver editable 3Shape design files plus production-ready STL files.

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Removable partial dentures
RPD designs is fully customizable with our design guide. Whether mesh or clasp preference, we have you covered.


The Design Service workflow

Sign up
First, you create an account by signing your business up for the Design Service platform.

Send order
To send an order, you first upload it. 3Shape labs can send directly from within Dental System.

Your case is handled by experienced dental designers dedicated to your needs.

Track status
During the process, you can always review your status, leave further instructions and get support.

When the design proposal is done, you can either approve or request a redesign.

After approval, you can mill or print your design in-house or send it to a manufacturer.

With 3Shape Design Services, I get the flexibility and time to grow my business,”
Kevin Newton, CDT

Join our customer tier program

At Design Service, we are committed to enhancing your experience and offering added value through our customer tier program, designed both for new and existing customers. Unlock exclusive benefits tailored to your needs and enjoy a seamless journey with us.
Pricing discounts
Access structured pricing discounts based on your tier status.
Direct meeting booking with CDT
Schedule meetings directly with our certified dental technicians (CDTs) for personalized assistance.
Personalized Account Management
Receive dedicated onboarding and training sessions led by our support specialists.
Contact us to review your current plan and see if you qualify for our tier program, or to discuss how to get started.

Integration with 3Shape software

You can use 3Shape Design Service coming from any supplier. If you are a 3Shape user, your orders can easily be managed, edited and processed from within our software.
3Shape Communicate
Implant Studio
Dental System

Get started now

Grow your lab. Save time. Signing up for 3Shape Design Service gives you access to experienced dental professionals – right at your fingertips.

Frequently Asked Questions

For support questions around sending your order, adding designs or payment, please contact us.

What is the difference with 3Shape Automate? 

3Shape Design Service is human-powered. 3Shape Automate on the other hand, is fully AI-powered, which makes it a perfect alternative for delivering dental designs of simple indications with speed and consistency. 

How to integrate with 3Shape software?

If you are using 3Shape software, you can easily access Design Service from inside Dental System, connect through communicate, or download the apps in 3Shape Unite. 

How do I get billed for my designs? 

Invoicing is done once a week once your case is ‘ready for approval’ or ‘ready for download’. Payment is deducted from the payment method you selected when signing up. 

What are the requirements for getting started with 3Shape Design Service? 

The only requirement is that you have a design you want us to work on, captured from an IOS or CAD system, and that you’ve created a Design Service account.