“Precision, power and control
with digital orthodontics
from 3Shape,”

Stefano Negrini, lab owner, Italy

Why go digital?

Stay competititve with 3Shape Ortho Lab

Stay competitive

“CAD/CAM has enabled us to compete against bigger labs. We can provide everything from digital study models, digital archiving to planning and manufacturing. And we can do it quickly.”

Stefano Negrini, lab owner, Italy


Expand services and attract new customers

“Our lab went digital with 3shape five years ago, since then we have seen major growth. We can now offer a super fast, super accurate, fully digital solution to our customers,”  Darren Mitchell, Managing Director, UK.


Improve customer relationships

"Going virtual allows us to send cases back to an orthodontist to review and give good immediate feedback. We work much more interactively now with an orthodontist. Digital being better would be stating the obvious,” Ari Sciacca, lab owner, Digital Orthodontics, Australia.


“This is a tremendous change”

“Just two years ago, we were still sending our labs traditional impressions. It would take three to four weeks for appliance design and shipping. Now, it only takes two to three days for a retainer. This is a tremendous change!” Dr. Santiago Isaza Penco, Orthodontist, Italy.

Read interview with Dr. Santiago Isaza Penco

Use CADCAM customization and accuracy from 3Shape

Use CAD/CAM customization and accuracy

“Going digital means that the work we do is now virtual. We can edit, save, share and even remake a patient’s appliance with just a click. It’s a much more effective way to work,” Team Ortodonzia Estense, Italy.

Reduce transportation and storage costs

“Being digital has cut-down our need for storage space tremendously. It has also helped us position our lab as more green. We use less material and have really reduced our shipping costs,”

Ari Sciacca, lab owner, Digital Orthodontics, Australia.

You’re always connected to the cloud

“Being a TRIOS-Ready orthodontic lab has benefitted us in two ways. One, orthodontists in the area using TRIOS® have discovered us. And two, we think digitally now. And that is a tremendous change. It has meant more precision, more uniformity in our production quality and a faster turnaround time for our customers,” 

Vincent Martin, Uzège Ortho lab, France.

3shape Labcare


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Full digital orthodontics

Full Digital Orthodontics

The digital orthodontics workflow

Scan patient

Receive TRIOS® intraoral scans or create digital study model from analog impression

Case analysis

Integrate all patient data for comprehensive diagnosis

Plan treatment

Simulate and share treatment outcome

Design appliance

CAD design of customized appliances based on treatment plan

Produce appliance

Mill, 3D print or send file to orthodontic solution providers for manufacture

Fit appliance

Reduce visits and chair time for orthodontist with customized appliances or brackets with indirect bonding

Monitor treatment

Monitor patient progress by virtually removing brackets and comparing with treatment plan

End treatment

Use digital impressions to virtually debond brackets for retainer preparation - pre-patient visit

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