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3Shape Unite — Software Updates

Overview of new features, improvements & changes in the newest version of Unite.


We are proud to introduce the 3rd generation of 3Shape Unite. This version of our workflow engine is the biggest software update we have released for many years. Unite 24.1 brings all scans in the cloud, access from anywhere, Unite Cloud and many more things.

New: Dongle is no longer needed

From 3Shape Unite 24.1 onwards, your 3Shape licenses will live in the cloud of your 3Shape Account company and can be used by all members of your company on all 3Shape Unite devices. This means no more broken or lost dongles, and client server installations.

Move the licenses from your dongle into cloud

Once you update to 3Shape Unite 24.1, we will automatically move the licenses for the apps in 3Shape Unite from the dongles detected in your device into the cloud.

How to do this

Step 1: Move your licenses
Step 2: Continue in 3Shape Unite
Activate your licenses in the cloud

Later in 2024, when you purchase your next TRIOS scanner or one of the 3Shape apps, you will no longer receive a dongle. Instead, you will receive a 16-digit activation code, that you type in 3Shape Unite as shown on image below.

How to do this

Step 1: Activate your licenses
Step 2: Continue in 3Shape Unite
View your licenses in 3Shape Unite Store

You can find your licenses included in your active subscriptions on the License page within 3Shape Unite Store. In the Licenses page, you can perform the following actions:

  • Activate newly purchased licenses by clicking ‘Activate’ button.
  • Transfer licenses from your dongles to cloud by clicking ‘Activate’ button.
  • Manage licenses, that you bought from 3Shape directly, by clicking ‘Manage’ button. You will be redirected to 3Shape Shop where you can perform further actions. If you have not bought your licenses from 3Shape, please contact your reseller with questions regarding subscription.

Note: Only licenses of 3Shape apps that are compatible with 3Shape Unite will be visible in 3Shape Unite Store. Other 3Shape software licenses will remain in the dongle and will not be shown on this page (e.g., Dental System, Ortho System).

New: All scans available in the cloud​

With your consent to enable cloud storage, you can see which of your patient’s cases you have synchronized to the cloud, and which are yet to be encrypted in the cloud.

Peace of mind

Cloud storage for your patient data ensures security and accessibility. In case of device issues, your data remains safe, enabling uninterrupted care. and flexibility for access from any device with an internet connection.

Access from any device

Your patients and their cases are always accessible via your 3Shape Account in the cloud. Whether you are in your typical operatory or moving between rooms, the flexibility of accessing this data from any device with an internet connection ensures your practice remains seamless and efficient..

Collaborate with colleagues on shared patients from anywhere

Collaborating with colleagues on shared patient cases enhances decision-making and patient care, ensuring information flows seamlessly, minimizes errors, and increases efficiency, ultimately improving patient outcomes.

Cloud and local storage settings

Find a full overview of cloud and local storage settings and choose the setup that fits your needs best, in the new 3Shape Unite settings page under More -> Storage management.

New: 3Shape Unite Cloud

3Shape Unite Cloud is a completely new cloud-based and patient centric software accessible on any device – mobile, tablet, PC and Mac. Everything you do in 3Shape Unite instantly becomes available in 3Shape Unite Cloud, and vice-versa. TRIOS Care customers have 10TB storage in the cloud, allowing them to easily restore information if any accidents happen to the PC. TRIOS Only customers have up to 10GB available.

Get access to all your patients and cases

All your patients from 3Shape Unite will now be visible in 3Shape Unite Cloud in the ‘Patients’ tab. You can access all cases and files associated with a patient including their details.

Add, edit and delete your patients

Adding patients in 3Shape Unite Cloud will allow you to front-load administrative work. In case of any mistakes, you can edit patient details or even delete patient and associated data with it. Any change you make in 3Shape Unite Cloud will be reflected in 3Shape Unite.

Attach pictures to patient profile

You can quickly take and add pictures to your patient’s profile with your mobile or tablet using the 3Shape Unite Cloud app. Pictures will immediately appear in 3Shape Unite, for you to start your Engagement Apps workflow.

Compliant messaging

Unlike many of the existing messaging applications, 3Shape Unite Cloud meets the comprehensive requirements outlined by HIPAA and GDPR.

Push and e-mail notifications

Enable push and email notifications to always stay up to date on how your case is progressing.


Manage from your computer

Manage from your mobile device

ⓘ 3Shape Unite Cloud comes with Unite version 24.1 or newer. Unite 24.1 deployment starts in May 2024 and is becoming gradually available globally.

New: order dentures, moving cases

Order dentures together with other types of indications

You can easily order full dentures, partial dentures, or other types of indications in one combined order through our guided order form. This streamlined process ensures you get precisely what you need, tailored to your patients' unique requirements..

Moving cases to another patient

Now you can easily clean up your duplicated patients and move scans and cases under one patient. Click on the three dots on a case and choose ‘move to patient’ and select the ‘right’ patient. Once all cases are moved, 3Shape Unite will prompt you to delete the ‘empty’ patient if you wish.

Improved: lab connections, media filters, PMS integrations

Overview of your lab connections and how to connect with a lab

In the 3Shape Unite Store you will find a new section ‘Lab connections’. The tab ‘My connections’ will give you a complete overview of your active and pending lab connections and you can perform the following actions:

  • Remove a connection with a lab by clicking ‘Disconnect’ button.
  • Cancel a connection request by clicking ‘Cancel request’ button.
Media filters in the Patient media library

3Shape Unite now remembers your preferences when it comes to what media types you want to see in the library. For example, if you deselect images they will not be shown until you select them again.

PMS integrations

In this update we have made changes, improvements, and bugfixes for PMS integrations in 3Shape Unite. After installing a PMS integration in 3Shape Unite Store you will be redirected to settings page to complete the setup. You will need to use your 3Shape Account to enable a PMS integration. In case of any issues, please setup your PMS integration again.

How to upgrade

Upgrade to the latest in dental software and benefit from all the great features of Unite 24.1 now!



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