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TRIOS 4 Wired & Wireless

TRIOS 4 Wireless

Advanced wireless intraoral scan technology.

Advanced wireless intraoral scan technology expanded for even
better treatment options.

Advanced scanning technology
for a great impression

Enjoy unrestricted wireless scanning with TRIOS Share - or just plug in. Benefit from instant-heat technology in our next-generation SmartTips – you’ll be scan-ready in seconds. And stay ahead of it all – from wear-and-tear1. Michou S, Vannahme C, Ekstrand K, Benetti A. Detecting early erosive tooth wear using an intraoral scanner system. J Dent. 2020: 100: 103445 to caries2. Michou S, Lambach MS, Ntovas P, et al. Automated Caries Detection using a 3D Intraoral Scanner. An in Vivo Validation Study. Research Square; 2021. DOI: 10.21203/ - in conjunction with the TRIOS Patient Monitoring app. You’ll make a great impression every time!

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TRIOS 4 Wired and wireless in one
Wired and wireless in one

Enjoy unrestricted wireless scanning. Or just plug in. Two-in-one scanning combines the freedom of wireless dentistry with the reassurance of a cord. All with the convenience of a scanner that keeps on going thanks to a leap in battery time.

A revolution in tip technology

The tip of the scanner is where most of the magic happens. It's where your impression data is captured, so it needs to be rock-solid. Revolutionizing this part of the scanner is what we focused on for our fourth generation scanner.

Scan-ready in seconds
Imagine you don’t need to wait for your scanner to be ready to use. With the use of InstantHeat technology, our fourth-generation scanner tips ensure the mirror inside the tip heats quickly, and no fog (caused by the patient’s breath) will compromise your scan accuracy.
Built-in counter
TRIOS 4 tips come with a built-in counter: it counts the number of times your scanner has been autoclaved, so you know when it’s time to buy new tips. Also, it will let you know when it’s time for a re-calibration, so that your tip is always working at its best capacity.

Even better treatment options

Detect wear and tear

The naked eye can see a lot. But it can’t remember the patient situation months or years ago. TRIOS Patient Monitoring software helps you with that: it lets you compare and track so you - and your patient - can see what’s happening on screen. Conveying potential issues and making patients understand what needs to be done will never be the same again.

Detect surface caries with
fluorescent light

For preventative care, you need preventative insights. TRIOS 4 gives you these insights by using a combination of two light sources. LED light captures color and surface, and fluorescent light illustrates bacteria. Combining those two in one scan shows you and your patient where caries is developing, so you can engage in dialogue about preventing further problems.

How patient monitoring works



We think preventative care is the best kind of dental care. To get the most out of your scanner, we recommend:

  • Scanning every patient every time, so you can visualize and monitor changes over time.
  • Using the TRIOS Patient Monitoring app each time your patient is in the chair, to help you visualize, inspect and compare.
  • Using the visuals from our software to empower your patients with a better understanding of the need for intervention.

digital representation of patient’s oral health

Dive into scanning every patient every time with Dr. Ornella Delli Rocili



A great scan is just the beginning

When is a scan more than a scan?

When it's united with patient outcomes. 3Shape Unite is the workflow engine that comes with TRIOS. Benefit from thousands of apps, simplified treatment workflows, and securely store and access your TRIOS scans with Unite Cloud.

Treatments made simple

Treatments are made simple from start to finish. With guided and straightforward workflows, efficient patient and case management and communication.

Dental apps made accessible

Thousands of apps in the Unite Store give you the freedom to choose best-in-class solutions. Boost your work and collaborations with 3Shape, labs, and treatment providers.

Patient cases made available

Securely store and manage patient scans, track case progress, communicate with your lab and view all your 3Shape app licenses. In the cloud, with the Unite Cloud app or on the web.

What comes included?

TRIOS 4 comes with everything you need to start scanning right away: from the scanner to a pre-installed computer, tips and onboarding help. See what’s in the box below.

Scanner and accessories

Scanner: a TRIOS 4 scanner wand, scanner pod.
Tips: 5 autoclavable scanner tips, 1 TRIOS 4 protection tip, 2 color calibration tips, color calibration kit.
Batteries: 3 batteries, charger including power cord, additional wired kit with pod, cords and cable.


Wireless receiver (TP link), USB dongle with software, 3Shape subscription dongle.


A pre-installed laptop or desktop computer running on Windows 11, or a built-in MOVE+ computer.


Welcome card, Safety and setup guide, Quick Guides (start up, cleaning).


3Shape Unite, Patient engagement apps, TRIOS Share, 3Shape Model Builder Express.


First year on TRIOS Care included, with onboarding, training, support, warranty and express replacement.


To explore add-on software such as studio apps for in-house dentistry or scanner accessories such as tips, reach out to your reseller.

TRIOS 4 tech specs




Pod or MOVE+ 
Depending on the way you intend to use the impression scanner, you can choose a setup with a pod and computer, or a MOVE+ cart setup with a built-in computer and adjustable screen.


TRIOS 4 digital images are indicated for use in
  - Restorations
  - Orthodontics
  - Implantology
  - Assessment of dental status.


TRIOS 4 brings the following innovations
  - Improved Wi-Fi: Powerful processor provides stabilized internet connection for enhanced productivity, and smart cord for convenience
  - Instant-heat smart tips and extended battery life: New generation of smart tips with no-wait heating technology so you are scan-ready in seconds and boosting TRIOS battery life by 30
  - Caries Diagnostic aid* Caries diagnostic aid for surface caries is not cleared for clinical use by the FDA in the USA. : Digital detection and early intervention of suspected surface caries, with upcoming option to simultaneously perform a standard 3D scan and surface caries scan in one sweep.


Clinical accuracy
Proven clinical accuracy: backed by a multitude of independent scientific studies for a wide variety of workflows. Data/references available upon request from 3Shape.

Light and output
TRIOS 4 captures 1875 images per second, uses LED as a light source and outputs PLY, DCM and STL files.

Dimensions and use
Weight (incl. tip and battery): 375 g
Dimensions, HWL: 4.9 x 4.0 x 27.8 cm // 1.92 x 1.57 x 10.9 inches

Wireless comfort
The scanner can be used wireless or wired, and can be placed on the pod when not in use.
- 3 rechargeable batteries.
- Scanning time: new batteries provide ≈ 45 min. continuous scanning time (for a new battery).
- Charging time: 3 - 6 hours, depending on battery charge level when charging is initiated.
- Wireless range: same room, up to 5 meters.
- With TRIOS Share you can scan in any room.


TRIOS computer
Included in your order, you will get a 3Shape approved, preconfigured computer with TRIOS software installed. The pod scan setup comes with either a laptop or desktop computer; whereas the MOVE+ comes with a built-in desktop. All computers run on Windows 11 pro.

Other computers
For a CAD/CAM solution that does not require TRIOS scanning, you can select a PC according to the Minimum PC requirements for 3Shape Software packages.

Ethernet connection
Another important element of your solution is your ethernet speed. All communication with labs, partners and servers will happen through your ethernet connection. The faster the network, the faster you can send and receive an order. A typical TRIOS order of 30Mb will take approx. 30 seconds to transmit on a 10Mbit/s line. Check network speed requirements.


Support Service

Services to get the most out of your TRIOS

Owning a TRIOS scanner is just the first step in advancing your practice. The service offerings that come with your TRIOS guide your next steps. Your first year on the peace-of-mind service plan TRIOS Care is included, and comes with onboarding, consultation, support and ongoing training from our experts.

We've got you covered.


What others say about TRIOS 4

As soon as I put the tip on, it’s warmed and it’s ready to go. I haven’t even put my gloves on and it’s ready for me to scan, which is one of the beauties of these things.

Dr. Anthony Mak, Australia

about instant ready tips

TRIOS Share is the future of scanning technology. It gives the flexibility to scan in any operatory on our WiFi network and helps us maximize our investment in TRIOS.

Dr. Pravin Chellamuthu

about TRIOS Share

I plug in the battery; in what feels like seconds I am ready to scan. A short time later, I finish it! I can scan an entire day without charging the battery.

Dr. Thibaud Casas, France

about wireless scanning

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ⓘ Unite Cloud is only available with Unite 24.1, which will be rolled out gradually. TRIOS Care is only available in certain markets. TRIOS 4 is not available in all countries. Contact us or ask your reseller regarding availability in your region. Data/references for substantiation available upon request from 3Shape.

(1) The caries detection aid feature is not cleared by FDA for TRIOS 4 Wireless for clinical use in the US.