Automate time-consuming processes

Our intuitive, quick-to-learn software automates much of the denture design process. This saves you time-consuming analog steps like tooth arch set up procedures, model analysis, and gingiva placement. The digital workflow also removes manufacturing steps including bite plate production and silicon and gypsum preparation, giving you time to treat more patients.

Save time on remakes, re-sets or replacements

CAD/CAM denture design eliminates the need for analog re-sets. Save significant time on tooth removal, wax removal and re-waxing, tooth resetting, processing, trimming and polishing. Simply correct your digital model in the software and save your patient time. The software also saves digital backup files of all dentures, so in the event of denture loss or damage, replacement prostheses can be created quickly without making extra patient appointments.

Save on labor and materials

For a lab, time is money, and digital production workflows save you hours vs. a conventional denture workflow. By digitizing labor-intensive analog steps, digital dentistry delivers substantial cost advantages on labor and materials. You can even start benefiting from production during your lab’s downtime by configuring milling machines and 3D printers to manufacture CAD/CAM dentures throughout the night. Become a ‘lab that never sleeps’ and scale-up production without hiring extra staff.

For denturists, a digital workflow also decreases chair time and reduces the number of necessary patient visits, delivering further savings in labor costs and letting you see more patients.

Increase quality

  • Comfort – Intraoral scanners remove the need for uncomfortable conventional impressions.
  • Fit – Digital scanning accuracy and modern materials enable you to create dentures with better fit and retention.
  • Esthetics – Our software features official teeth libraries from Ivoclar Vivadent, Candulor, Vertex Dental and more, giving you infinite options for creativity. A wide range of compatible milling machines produce lifelike dentures with natural morph, color, structure and reflection.
  • Strength – Create longer-lasting dentures from robust milling materials like MMA and PMMA.
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