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Welcome to TRIOS Care

Below, we’ve listed some frequently asked questions about activating TRIOS Care.

Why did I receive the message “Activate your TRIOS Care subscription” on Dental Desktop/Unite?

The reason for this could be either of the two scenarios below.

  1. You just bought a new scanner, with a free trial of TRIOS Care included
    In that case, we are very grateful for your investment in a TRIOS device and hope that you will enjoy the industry leading benefits of our TRIOS Care service agreement. To get you off to a great start, we have collected some useful links below. Please note that if you have only recently updated your software, the TRIOS Care activation flow might have appeared a while after your scanner purchase.

  2. You have been converted from a legacy TRIOS subscription to TRIOS Care
    If you previously were on a different TRIOS subscription and are now converting to TRIOS Care, you can find detailed information about the conversion here.

What is TRIOS Care and what is included?

TRIOS Care is our complete peace of mind service agreement. More info is available here:

Why do I need to activate TRIOS Care?

When activating TRIOS Care in the sign-up flow, you will be asked to accept our terms and conditions. Without this consent, we cannot provide any of the TRIOS Care services such as support and training, as well as our industry leading warranty coverage and drop insurance.

I have a different question, who can I reach out to?

Please go to our Help Center, where you can find all our support resources and contact information of nearby 3Shape support agents, who are ready to assist you.

You might also find the answer in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about TRIOS Care.

Freedom to choose

Select the service agreement that suits you best

The first year of TRIOS Care is included for all new customers. After your complimentary 1-year TRIOS Care expires, you can simply continue to enjoy the complete peace-of-mind benefits of the service agreement with monthly installments. You are also free to switch to TRIOS Only if you prefer – a basic scan-ready service agreement with limited benefits and no monthly costs.

See service agreement overview