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Bringing the best clinics and labs together

We live in a connected world. The faster and simpler the connection between clinics and labs, the easier it becomes for doctors and technicians to find each other and work together.

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Benefit for clinics

Connect with your preferred lab

One of the advantages of going digital with 3Shape TRIOS is gaining the wealth of connections to labs that work with TRIOS digital impressions. As part of the 3Shape Ready customer programs, we have assessed and approved a wide range of labs across the globe. Our goal is to make it easy for you to find a digital lab working with TRIOS scans and offering the indications you need. Collaborate with them directly in the cloud for crowns and bridges, complete restorative implant packages, orthodontic treatment proposals, splints, and much more.

How does it work?

As a TRIOS user, you can search and select any of the 3Shape Ready labs* listed below and easily connect with them to share scans, discuss cases, and more. When you work with a 3Shape Ready lab, you are assured of a smooth and problem-free digital CAD/CAM workflow. 


Use your TRIOS scanner to create a 3D model of your patient’s dentition.

Find lab

Search the list of 3Shape Ready labs in your TRIOS software to find a lab partner that meets your needs.

Send case

Share the case, scans and full description using 3Shape Communicate.


The lab can contact you with questions or to discuss the case.

Approve the design

Use 3Shape Communicate* to review and approve the lab’s design. 

*For reviewing orthodontic cases, be aware that you need 3Shape Orthodontic software as well. 

Get result

Receive the manufactured restoration and start treatment.

*Please be advised that certification with the 3Shape Ready program does not indicate that the manufacturers listed are in compliance with local regulations and requirements. Compliance with regulations and requirements remains the responsibility of the manufacturer.
Please contact your reseller regarding availability of 3Shape products in your region or country.

Find your closest 3Shape Ready labs

Programs for labs

Connect with countless new customers

More and more dentists and orthodontists are going digital with intraoral scanners like 3Shape TRIOS. Our 3Shape Ready programs allow you to promote your lab to many potential customers and show them that you are qualified to work with their TRIOS digital impressions.

Benefit for labs

Increased confidence

Get guidance and practice the complete digital workflow together with 3Shape experts. 

Free advertising 

Your lab is promoted as an approved TRIOS lab in our solutions and on 3Shape.com.

New customers

Get access to a wealth of practices - every TRIOS user becomes a potential customer. 

A program for every lab

3Shape TRIOS Ready

Promotes your restorative lab and shows that you work with TRIOS scans to provide design and manufacturing services for digital models, crowns and more.

3Shape TRIOS Ready Ortho

Promotes your orthodontic lab and shows that you work with TRIOS scans to provide*:
  • Full Digital Appliance
  • Model Manufacturing
  • Treatment Proposal

*To get connected you need to use 3Shape Ortho System software.

3Shape Implant Studio Ready

Promotes your implantology lab and tells that you work with TRIOS scans to provide*:
  • Surgical Guide Design – design surgical guides based on implant planning cases made in Implant Studio
  • Surgical Guide Manufacturing – produce a dimensionally-correct guide in-house and send to 3Shape for review

*To get connected you need to use 3Shape Implant Studio software.

The process - How to become a 3Shape Ready lab

To become a 3Shape Ready lab, all you need to do is go through a guided procedure that allows you to practice the digital workflow, and allows us to assess your results and readiness to service doctors.

Step 1 – Check your software

3Shape Ready labs work with Dental System, Ortho System or Implant Studio software**.

Step 2 – Deliver a trial case

A 3Shape Ready program advisor will help you set up your system for the services you want to provide, create your 3Shape Communicate account, prepare connectivity, and assist you in completing the trial case.

Step 3 - Review and endorsement

Once the trial case is completed, you and your 3Shape representative will review the results and see if you need to fine-tune the workflow. Upon acceptance, you will receive a 3Shape Ready certificate (TRIOS, TRIOS Ortho or Implant Studio) and logo which you can use for marketing purposes. We will also add your lab to the list of 3Shape Ready labs on this page.

Step 4 – Connect with new doctors with just a click

You’re now certified and ready to connect with new customers. You can start exchanging information or notes on cases, create digital study models or implant planning proposals, then send them back to your customer.

Why wait?

Advertise your lab to countless potential new customers for free!

*Please be advised that certification with the 3Shape Ready program does not indicate that the manufacturers listed are in compliance with local regulations and requirements. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to choose the appropriate material and printer and ensure these are in compliance with local regulations and requirements.

** If you are not using 3Shape lab scanners or software, you can still become a 3Shape TRIOS Ready lab and work with TRIOS Inbox Stand-alone, but the TRIOS scans you receive will be converted to .STL files, minus the case information.

Contact your reseller regarding availability of 3Shape products in your region or country.

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