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3Shape TRIOS #1 in study evaluating margin line definition

3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanner best amongst seven leading intraoral scanners tested

Copenhagen, March 22, 2018 – In a just-published study, the 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanner is named the best of the seven intraoral scanners and conventional impression evaluated for delivering finish line (margin line) distinctness, and finish line accuracy.

The study: Finish line distinctness and accuracy in 7 intraoral scanners versus conventional impression: an in vitro descriptive comparison, compared results from seven leading intraoral scanners and one conventional impression.

3Shape TRIOS was found to show the highest finish line distinctness in both the rendering and mesh view. In addition, TRIOS had the highest overall accuracy based on color deviation evaluation and distribution of deviations in histogram of the scanners and conventional impression tested.

TRIOS scanning accuracy

The study concluded that 3Shape TRIOS and some of the other tested intraoral scanner systems can provide finish line distinctness and finish line accuracy higher than a conventional impression in vitro. The study noted a difference between scanners and impressions regarding finish line distinctness and finish line accuracy. 3Shape TRIOS performed better than the conventional impression as well as producing the best results overall for the digital impression systems tested.

“It’s imperative that for creating a great fitting restoration, the margin line must be accurate and well-defined. The study demonstrates that 3Shape TRIOS not only brings accuracy to your digital workflow but that its accuracy surpasses conventional impressions as well. Couple TRIOS-accuracy with our continually-growing ecosystem of integrated treatment options and materials, we truly believe that our open and superior solutions give doctors a real advantage in providing the best care for their patients,” says 3Shape Founder and Co-CEO, Tais Clausen.

An industrial ATOS scanner was used as a reference scanner in the study. With a resolution of 50,000 triangles, the ATOS was followed by 3Shape TRIOS in terms of resolution with 23,500 triangles. The triangle count in 3Shape TRIOS was found to be 1.6–3.1 times higher than the other investigated intraoral scanning systems and 1.3 times higher than the laboratory scanner used on the conventional impression.

The study additionally found that color output may enhance the identification of the finish line due to contrasting colors but was dependent on a scanner’s underlying technology. 3Shape TRIOSwas the only digital impression solution in the study to feature true color imaging. The other systems used either non-true color or monochrome imaging.

Finish line distinctness was defined in the study as the degree of visual clarity and identifiability in the reproduction of the finish line compared to a reference scan. Finish line accuracy was defined as the ability of a measurement to match the actual value of a reference scan in the immediate proximity to the finish line.

View the published study: