Pump up the volume on your dental lab business with 3Shape special offer

Copenhagen, February 22, 2016 – 3Shape creates new special offer to help dental laboratories meet the growing demand for digital production and services.

3Shape lab scanner for dentists

Dental laboratories already owning a 3Shape lab scanner can now purchase an additional 3Shape lab scanner and receive up to five years of expert training, unlimited software upgrades and global support with 3Shape LABcare™ included with the new scanner free. The total amount of years included depends on the 3Shape lab scanner model purchased – see chart below.

More and more dental labs are adopting digital technology. In just ten years, the percentage of crown and bridge restorations made with CAD/CAM technology has grown from 4% to 48%, according to LMT magazine’s 2015 State of the Industry Survey.*

“Digital technology is reshaping the dental lab industry. Digital workflows are making it easier for labs to produce product more efficiently and provide more services to their customers. Our new 3Shape offer gives labs a cost effective means to meet the growing demand for digital production while at the same time, stay up to date with our latest technology,” says Flemming Thorup, president and CEO at 3Shape.

Pump up the volume offer

New 3Shape lab scanner model purchased Get 2 years of LABcare included with purchase Plus your pump up the volume bonus Labs get
D750, R750, D850, R850 D900L, R900L 3 extra years 5 years LABcare subscription
D2000, D1000 1 extra year 3 years LABcare subscription

Pump up the volume offer valid through June 30, 2016.

*LMT magazine 2015 State of the Industry Survey – http://www.lmtmag.com/articles/69111


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