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3Shape Presents LABcare™

3Shape’s LABcare™ package is automatically given to every 3Shape Dental System™ subscribed user. LABcare™ is designed to give labs a competitive edge, a future secure CAD/CAM investment, and plenty of added value because it directly addresses support, training, and upgrading - 3 critical areas for labs using digital technologies.

Copenhagen, February 21st, 2013. 3Shape, a technology leader in 3D scanning and CAD/CAM software for dental applications, presents its new LABcare™ program, a customer-centric business model that backs labs with an efficient support network, new technologies through annual upgrades, and access to training and other learning channels such as webinars, videos, etc.  LABcare™ is an integral part of a lab’s 3Shape Dental System™ and annual subscription.

“We designed our LABcare™ concept by carefully examining what labs truly need after going digital,” says Rune Fisker, VP Product Strategy at 3Shape. “We looked closely at our existing services and invested in optimizing each area while adding a range of new service offerings to create a program of uniquely high value.”

3Shape LABcare™ makes Dental System™ a future-secure investment
“We believe that a lab’s CAD/CAM investment should maintain long lasting high value and that no matter the system chosen, successful application of digital technologies does not end with purchase and installation alone,” says Flemming Thorup, President & CEO at 3Shape. “LABcare is designed to help lab technicians exploit the full potential of their system, ensure optimal up-time, and not have to worry about their software’s ability to compete with other systems.”

Annual releases
3Shape’s LABcare™ helps labs stay competitive in an industry influenced by continuous technology changes and increasing regulatory demands. Every year, 3Shape’s global innovation center, with over 140 developers, creates a new major Dental System™ software version – incorporating the accumulation of the previous year’s on-going market research, direct requests from labs, and interaction with dental professionals.

Access to annual system releases, plus continuous updates and changes, are included in 3Shape’s LABcare™ package. Releases and updates include new functionality, tools, more indications, added libraries, and beneficial interfaces to 3rd party systems.  The system upgrade concepts built into LABcare™ are to ensure that once a lab chooses a 3Shape system, it can rest assured that the system will continually grow stronger and more versatile rather than older. 3Shape additionally gives users access to various scanner trade-in programs, allowing them to upgrade their scanner and PC at attractive prices. 

Training and competence development
Ongoing training will help lab technicians exploit the full potential of their system’s many functionalities. The 3Shape Academy provides access to training initiatives including free online webinars, extensive learning materials, and selected hands-on training courses. The possibilities and features available in 3Shape’s Dental System™ increase every year, and the 3Shape Academy strives to ensure that 3Shape’s users have the opportunity to keep up-to-date. 

Support & Service
LABcare™ gives subscribed users access to 3Shape’s worldwide support network that is structured to provide rapid assistance when and where they need it – in their local language and time-zone. 3Shape boosts its first-line reseller support network with its own second-line support force of over 30 in-house experts covering over 12 languages. 3Shape has dedicated Support & Service centers in all major regions including the US – east and west coasts, South America, Scandinavia, Germany, Italy, Poland, Ukraine, and China. 3Shape’s centers provide local hardware maintenance and diagnostics services performed by authorized technicians.

3Shape Presents LABcare 

3Shape LABcare™ in a nutshell
Customers Receive:

  1. Major system and feature upgrades
    A new system upgrade every year with new functionality, new design tools, new service options and new indications.
  2. Regular improvements
    Updates, additions and minor changes throughout the year including libraries, interfaces and new functionality.
  3. On-line information services
    Access to 3Shape’s online Trainings Center with manuals, training videos, and more. News, tips & tricks plus relevant information directly to the user’s mailbox.   
  4. Knowledge and competence gaining services
    Local hands-on training by 3Shape certified experts and open 3Shape training courses at selected events and 3Shape centers. 3Shape provides free On-line webinars for all subscribed users.
  5. Extensive support & service backing
    Access to worldwide support network with local 1st line support provided by certified 3Shape representatives and 2nd line support force of 3Shape experts for special cases. Strategically placed Support & Service centers worldwide.
  6. Access to 3Shape’s special “Scanner Trade-in” programs to upgrade the user’s scanner and PC at attractive prices.