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3Shape verifies 3D Systems’ ProJet™ 3000/3500 output for 3Shape Model Builder

Attractive and affordable option now available for manufacturing centers and labs

Copenhagen, July 13, 2012 – 3Shape is continuously evaluating the market’s model-making machines to gauge their functionality and accuracy for producing models using 3Shape’s Model Builder CAD designs as input. 3Shape recently assessed 3D Systems’ ProJet™ 3000/3500 3D printer and has concluded that it’s output quality for models meets 3Shape’s high standards.

3Shape model builder

About 3Shape Model Builder

3Shape’s Model Builder allows labs to design digital lab models for an extensive range of indications including implant models, directly from TRIOS® digital impressions, 3rd party intraoral scans, physical impression scans, or gypsum scans. The design files are optimized and ready for manufacturing on model making machines.

Working with model machine manufacturers

Ever since the release of its full-featured Model builder in Dental System 2012, 3Shape has been, assessing different machines and manufacturing results derived from 3Shape’s digital model designs. 3Shape has recently been working with 3D Systems’ ProJet MP 3000/3500 series 3D printers and is pleased to announce that its output fully lives up to 3Shape’s strict requirements for model accuracy and functionality.

The assessment process

3Shape testing involves real patient cases. In clinics, dentists created digital impressions using 3Shape’s TRIOS, and sent these to the lab with a single click. Using the digital impression as input, the lab used 3Shape Model Builder to digitally design complete models, specifically optimized for output on a 3D Systems’ ProJet MP 3000/3500 3D printer.
At 3Shape, experts used a ProJet MP 3000/3500 to output models based solely on Model Builder’s CAD files from the lab. The models were printed, cleaned and then scanned to recreate them digitally in 3D. The scans were then compared with original Model Builder output using 3Shape Convince 3D Quality Control software. Testing included both unsectioned and sectioned models with removable die functionality.

About the 3D Systems’ ProJet MP 3000/3500 series 3D printer
The ProJet™ MP 3000/3500 Printing System is designed for use in laboratories and manufacturing centers with extended unattended operation and same day processing to reduce time and cost. The system can produce any size model with a choice of two print modes, gloss and matte. Up to 24 quad models can be built at one time in between 5 and 6 hours.

  • Works with any compatible intraoral, plaster or impression scanner (open system)
  • Accurately, consistently and economically manufactures precision dental models including crown and bridge, orthodontic and partial denture models as well as drill guides and jaw models
  • Outstanding fit and margin line adaptation
  • Easy to use

About the Material

VisiJet® Stoneplast Dental Model Material provides for low-cost, convenient production of dental models directly from digital data for dentists and dental labs looking to streamline workflow, reduce turn-around time and improve accuracy and quality. The material provides a look and feel similar to stone models.

Sven Nonboe, 3Shape International Product Manager said: “By testing the complete workflow, from TRIOS digital impression taking in the clinic, to Model Builder CAD design in the lab and finally output on a cost efficient 3D printer, 3Shape shows that it is now possible for labs to produce their models locally – either in-house or through the manufacturing center of their choice. The 3D Systems ProJet MP 3500 is attractive for the market due to low upfront costs, and a good balance between price and functionality,” concludes Sven Nonboe.

Chuck Tagliarino, CDT, Lab Manager at Sun Dental Labs said: “Here at Sun Dental Labs we have standardized on both the 3Shape Dental System™ and the ProJet DP and MP 3D printers for all of our model and wax-up requirements including partial frameworks. We have tested the system extensively and found that it meets our clinical requirements perfectly. We can now accept data from any open system intraoral scanner and deliver a high quality restoration in much less time.”

“We are very pleased to offer our dental lab customers access to complimentary solutions from the 3Shape Dental System™,” said Lee Dockstader, VP Business Development, 3D Systems Corporation. “When combined with the DP wax-up 3Dprinter, the 3Shape Dental System™ will seamlessly produce the model and various options for restorations like pressed crown case wax-ups,” concluded Dockstader.