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OUR people

Powering progress.
By empowering people.

Creating communities. Connecting talent.

3Shape is only as strong as the people who join it

Our employees are our talent, our ambassadors, are the driving force behind our success. They are also our future. Together, they use their passion and spirit for innovation to help build our brand and our reputation, making us a destination for pioneering work and personal career growth.

Viktoriya Alexeeva

Department Manager, HQ Marketing UA

“I love the Scandinavian approach to work-life balance, its focus on people, and its egalitarian type of management. With great people managers I’ve been able to grow both as a professional and a leader.”

Peter Søndergaard

Senior Group Manager & Senior Project Manager, Dental AI

“My department works with universities, getting the latest AI research, and collaborating with dentists and orthodontists. We develop and mature the work, then it’s deployed as part of our finished products.”

Gabija Kirsanske
Senior Scanner Developer, Optics

“I believe that innovation happens naturally and comes from wishful thinking when we’re given a challenge to solve. The strongest motivator, for me, is the opportunity to work with the technology and products that sit at the high end of the dental industry.”

Maria Amanda Guillermo

Senior Director, Head of Global Marketing

“There are huge growth opportunities at 3Shape because the leadership gives chances to people they think are talented and who will drive the business forward. Our culture is unique because the individuals behind the work are engaged and create a fun environment.”

Work with us

Why join 3Shape? We’re glad you asked.

Our employees
We hire people who want to make a difference, people who will help us create a positive impact. Our teams are passionate – about products and everything else we do. Together, we are bold, ambitious, and pragmatic in our work. 3Shape develops our employees, advancing both their careers and personal development.
A team effort
Joining 3Shape means working in creative teams that show respect for one another and foster inclusion. Coming together as one team, we trust, support, and challenge each other. 3Shape is built on innovation, and that continues when we push our customer-centric technology and ourselves to be better.

Our values

Purpose drives us.
Values guide us.

When our Purpose and our Values align, we can truly change dentistry together.

Stay customer-centric

We stay close and put the customer at the heart of any business decision. We listen, act on, and anticipate customers’ need.

Innovate with passion

We are passionate. About products and everything else we do. To always stay ahead, we look for improvements and challenge the status quo.

Champion team spirit

We show respect for one another and ensure inclusion. As One Team, we trust, support, and challenge each other.

Take ownership

We lean in, we take charge, and we own it. With honesty and a positive attitude, we take initiative. Be the change you seek!

Play to win

We are bold, ambitious, and pragmatic. We have a bias for action and learn from both successes and failures.


Know the way. Show the way.
Lead the way.

Action by example. Authenticity from accountability.

As Thomas Edison said, "Vision without execution is hallucination." 3Shape has a vision for the future, but it also has a roadmap to achieve it and a leadership team that can implement it.

In June 2020, Jakob Just-Bomholt joined us as our new Chief Executive Officer:

“Who wouldn’t want to work for a company with a real purpose? 3Shape brings fantastic, innovative products to market. But more than that, the company has the goal of doing good – to help improve the industry and the way people work in it, and to deliver true value to customers and partners so they can offer even better patient care.

“3Shape leads the industry because it’s led by the industry. Every one of our products, services, and technological developments comes from feedback and collaboration with dental professionals.”

Contact us or ask your reseller regarding availability of 3Shape products in your region.