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Our story

Digital transformation.
For everyone.

How two people with an idea and a passion for something new changed an entire industry.

3Shape was founded in 2000 by Tais Clausen and Nikolaj Deichmann, who were determined to unlock opportunities in 3D digital technology – and with it, change millions of lives for the better.

Today, we’ve grown to over 2,200 people, and from our beginning in Denmark, we’re now present in over 100 countries around the world.

Each year, more than 30,000 dental professionals attend our webinars and symposiums and learn how to advance their work.



countries around the world



dedicated and expert employees



professionals attend our webinars and symposiums

Milestones & Distribution

Over 20 years of pioneering products.

More than 650 patents. And counting.

For more than two decades, we’ve been speaking with dental professionals, asking them what would make their work faster, better, and more convenient.

We listen, go back to our R&D teams, and start creating. The result is award-winning products that help advance the way professionals work. Then we go back and talk to dentists and lab managers again, learning how they use our products to understand new needs as they arise.

In this way, we continue the cycle of innovation and improvement.

Our process is designed to create opportunities and advance dentistry. It allows us to connect with the people who serve patients and collaborate with the industry to push everyone’s work forward.

Evolving dentistry. Year in, Year out.

Our two founders had an ambitious idea. To take their passion for 3D technology and apply it to health care. In a small apartment in Copenhagen, they developed their first product. From this humble beginning, they would go on to change the face of dentistry.

Year: 2000

Listen up. It didn’t start with teeth.

3Shape’s first product was for improving the process of developing custom-fitting hearing aids. The slow, labor-intensive manual process that existed was improved with a digital scanner and a suite of 3D software.

Year: 2005

Open wide. But don’t bite down.

The 3D CAD/CAM technologies 3Shape created for the hearing industry had untapped potential for other medical industries. What if analog impressions in dentistry could be improved with digital scanning technology? Introducing the D250.

Year: 2008

A giant leap forward. And backward.
And up and down.

A design like no other becomes an instant hit. 3Shape launches the D700, spearheading the next generation of scanning technology and featuring an industry-first two cameras and a three-axis motion system.

Year: 2009

Straight teeth. Make beautiful smiles.

Using high-quality 3D patient data from the D700 scanner, we launch our first dedicated orthodontic software package. And with it, the analyzing and planning of orthodontic treatments become a whole lot easier – and faster!

Year: 2011

We started a revolution. Power to the people.

After years of R&D, we turn our attention to dental clinics. And turn the work on its head. The introduction of the 3Shape TRIOS® intraoral scanner changes everything. It rapidly becomes the preferred solution among doctors due to its speed, accuracy, and incredible ease of use.

Year: 2014

Better for patients. Better for dentists.

Everyone’s a winner when the inaugural version of Implant Studio is released. The software brings together implant planning, prosthetics, and drill guide design. The result is a cost-efficient solution for dentists placing implants and one that improves the patient experience, too.

Year: 2015

Four scanners in one year? No problem.

TRIOS 3 arrives with all-new shade measurement technology. In the same year, we also launch the D1000 and D2000 lab scanners. The D2000 is the market’s first lab scanner that scans the upper and lower jaw simultaneously to deliver the fastest scanning workflow on the market.

Year: 2017

Scanners go walkabout.

TRIOS 3 wireless astounds the industry. Unique on the market, it’s the first wireless intraoral scanner and connects to a computer via Wi-Fi. Its impact cannot be overstated, as it greatly improves both maneuverability and the overall scanning experience.

Year: 2019

With great power comes great scanning (x2).

TRIOS 4 hits the market and flexes its muscles. Our most powerful intraoral scanner to date combines superior scanning technology with groundbreaking caries diagnostic aid technology for both surface and interproximal caries. Not forgetting lab, we also unveiled the E4, our fastest scanner ever, featuring double scan speed, double accuracy, and double the cameras compared to the E3!

Year: 2021

United. We stand.

Everything and everyone, all at once. 3Shape Unite, our new open platform for TRIOS, brings world-leading dental companies, labs, and solutions together. No more switching back and forth between multiple platforms – it's a one-stop shop where you can simply manage all your cases with unparalleled choice. And with its built-in app store, everyone’s invited to come together.

Year: 2022

The most intelligent TRIOS. Ever.

TRIOS 5 leaves dentists speechless as it sets a new standard in patient protection and infection control. Not only hygienic by design, it’s also smaller, lighter, and designed to fit perfectly in anyone’s hand. And with our new ScanAssist engine for perfect scan results, and TRIOS Share for ultimate connectivity, it’s the smartest intraoral scanner we’ve ever created. Simply hygienic. Simply ergonomic. And simply effortless. It’s simply TRIOS 5!


Breakthrough design. Game-changing results.

Achieving great design is not only about creating beautiful products, it must also reflect a purpose and meet a need.
Minimalism and simplicity of design aren’t only about creating beautiful products. They should aid those products in reflecting a purpose and meeting a need.
First and foremost, our technology must enable great work, and a well-designed product should be a joy to use, day in and day out. Minimalism and simplicity are key. That’s why we bring the Scandinavian tradition of design form and function to medical devices.
Our products provide superior performance and innovative technology to dental professionals while looking modern, clean, and beautiful, too.

Proving that aesthetics can help elevate the way you work.

Discover the Essence of 3Shape Ukraine

Innovation is at the heart of 3Shape Ukraine

3Shape was formed in 2000, and the Ukraine office opened in 2006.

Today, the site in Kyiv stands as an innovation powerhouse embodying a high-caliber R&D center that contributes to almost 50% of the company’s overall development capacity.

Unwavering Commitment
In Ukraine, 3Shape’s commitment to excellence is unwavering, evident in its role as the largest Customer Support hub across all 3Shape offices, providing top-tier service to dental professionals in an impressive 9 languages.
A Thriving Environment
Behind the scenes, strong IT and Business Intelligence, Finance, P&O, and Facilities teams support each department, ensuring a thriving work environment.
Dynamic Ecosystem
At 3Shape Ukraine, we're more than a workplace. We're a dynamic ecosystem where talent, innovation, and support converge. Together, we shape a brighter future.

An unwavering commitment to our colleagues in Ukraine.

Discover how the team in Ukraine continues to work through the war, how we’ve grown the team since the war’s start in February 2022, and how 3Shape remains committed to a future with Ukraine.


Teaming up. Multiplying strengths.

Collaboration is key. Together, we all advance.

Part of what makes 3Shape special for professionals is how our products, software and platforms are integrated – with everything working together smoothly, simply, and intuitively. Our approach and open systems are unique in digital dentistry, and they are founded on the principle that the industry works better when we come together as one. Today, we have forged important partnerships when building 3Shape platforms and ecosystems such as Unite, LMS, and Design Services, and we have teamed up with EQT – a purpose-driven global investment company – to further advance what we offer.

3Shape Design Services
3Shape teamed up with Full Contour to offer design solutions for dental professionals looking to grow their business, increase efficiency, and deliver results on time. In 2023, following this respected and highly successful collaboration, Full Contour fully became a part of 3Shape and was branded 3Shape Design Services.
3Shape Unite
Forming the right partnerships is key to our success. When we created 3Shape Unite, our aim was to offer a 360-degree solution for customers – connecting dental clinics and labs and opening up a wealth of opportunities with third-party apps. Bringing together maximum capabilities, our founding partners for Unite were Henry Schein, Straumann, and Ivoclar.
3Shape Lab Management Software
Lessons learned from Unite carried over to 3Shape Lab Management Software (LMS), which launched in 2023. This single piece of cloud-based dental lab software provides integrated digital management for all cases – bringing unparalleled efficiency to dental labs and making their partnerships as effective as our own.
In 2022, EQT acquired a minority investment in 3Shape, and this partnership has proved to be a key accelerator for 3Shape’s sustainability agenda. EQT supports us with direction and ambition, assisting with sustainability deliverables, as well as providing expertise within selected sustainability topics.

Contact us or ask your reseller regarding availability of 3Shape products in your region.