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Two minutes with dental industry pioneer and leader, Dr. Sundeep Rawal

Senior Vice President, Implant Support Services for Aspen Dental, Dr. Sundeep Rawal, took a few minutes out of his extremely busy schedule to speak with 3Shape. We talked about digital dentistry and what it means for Aspen Dental practices.

How are digital solutions like intraoral scanners, CBCTs, and software changing the way clinicians practice dentistry at Aspen offices?

Dr. Sundeep Rawal: The technological innovations that we have today allow us to think about dentistry differently. The reality is that we're not just innovating on how we think about workflows, or how we leverage technology to do our jobs and provide care more predictably, what we are really doing is changing the delivery of the care model in dentistry.

Digital dentistry changes the way patients experience all the products and services that we provide in the dental healthcare space.

It transforms and can enhance what patients come to expect from clinicians who help heal them and offer them therapeutic outcomes. That's the true power of using innovative technologies and solutions.

Solutions like 3Shape’s Implant Studio, significantly alter, for the better, the way patients experience the dentistry they're offered today.”

Do you see more general practices starting to provide implants services because of digital pathways?

Dr. Sundeep Rawal: “I think implant dentistry is going to grow. It is one of the biggest opportunities around the globe, in dentistry and dental care, whether it is specialty driven or general practice driven. I think you are going to see a significant growth in implant therapies being offered by all types of clinicians.

With general practitioners being able to leverage technology, it gives them more confidence when it comes to adopting those therapies. So yes, I absolutely do think that having these technologies on hand will allow for the adoption of implant dentistry across the broader scope of general dentists.”

Does Aspen recommend to its doctors to research software, look at digital solutions?

Dr. Sundeep Rawal: “At Aspen, we are very much invested in giving the independently-owned offices, led by doctors and teams that we support, the ability to leverage all the technological innovations in dentistry today. In that way, they can offer better patient outcomes to the people they serve.

In the case of implantology, we have a philosophy that doctors should utilize technologies like diagnostics and software to be able to effectively treatment plan, and execute on that plan, for dental implant therapy for their patients.

Digital implant dentistry is a no brainer when you consider how we can create the best possible mechanism for the delivery of care. You should leverage technology. At Aspen, we are 100% committed to digital dentistry.”

What do you think of the new TRIOS 5 intraoral scanner?

Dr. Sundeep Rawal: “When you think about the innovation in hardware solutions that can be meaningful, that added value across hardware, it gets harder and harder for companies to come up with something new. The bar keeps getting raised and getting that incremental value proposition out of hardware becomes more difficult to attain.

With that said, I think TRIOS 5 nails it.

I believe TRIOS 5 will make a meaningful difference to the experience that doctors, and their teams have when using it.

Now on top of the hardware, there's also software innovations along with TRIOS 5 that I think are going to allow for more robust utilization of intraoral scanning and further applications.

TRIOS 5 is going to be a game changer when it comes to practice growth.

When you layer in the innovations with TRIOS 5, the digital ecosystem, and what really 3Shape has created in terms of diagnostics to delivery, I think you'll see that there is an elegant solution for doctors and teams to take advantage of.

It's digital dentistry in the best way.”

About Dr. Sundeep Rawal

Dr. Sundeep Rawal is Senior Vice President, Implant Support Services for Aspen Dental. He graduated from the University of Florida College of Dentistry in 2006 and completed his training in Prosthodontics at the University of California San Francisco in 2009 where he was exposed to the most current technologies shaping dentistry. He has worked extensively to utilize CAD/CAM technologies within the scope of clinical dentistry and enhance his patients’ restorative treatments. He has lectured across the USA as well as internationally with over 500+ engagements over the years and published numerous papers in various dental journals and other publications.

Dr. Sundeep Rawal is a past president of the Brevard County Dental Society, and of the Florida Prosthodontic Association as well as an officer for the Florida Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and the Dental Society of Greater Orlando. He was also an officer in the Central District Dental Association and delegate to the Florida Dental Association. He has held numerous positions with national organizations such as the American College of Prosthodontics, and sits on numerous clinical advisory boards for global dental companies. He is a co-founder of the Digital Dentistry Institute, a leading contemporary education entity with courses all over the world dedicated to innovations and technology in dentistry. After 10 years of successful Private Practice at Florida Prosthodontics where he established a multi-doctor, multilocation prosthodontic practice, he joined Aspen Dental in November of 2019.

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