Comparing cost and profit with the TRIOS ROI calculator

Adding an intraoral scanner to your practice is a huge step. Not only does it mean learning to do what you’ve always done differently, it’s a major investment too.

To help give you a clearer picture of what going digital can mean to your pocket, 3Shape introduces the TRIOS ROI calculator.

Using the calculator, you enter data such as your monthly case load and fees. Then, based on your workflow and costs, the calculator custom tailors the ROI results to you. This gives you a much more transparent tool with which to evaluate the financial impact of going digital.

Of course, we want you to purchase a TRIOS, but it’s important that you have the facts to make the right choice for you.

A while back, Dr. Mark McOmie in the USA shared with us the criteria he used to pick and choose an intraoral scanner for his practice. Using his advice combined with the ROI Calculator should give you an excellent overview of what going digital entails. (

It’s a giant step, but in the words of Dr. Jonathan L. Ferencz, “My patients get it, my staff gets it, I get it – go digital!”

Curious about your own return on investment with TRIOS? Calculate now

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