GNYDM gets first peak at TRIOS 3 Mono intraoral scanner

54,000 professionals at Greater New York Dental Meeting will get the first hands-on look at our new TRIOS 3 Mono – the world’s first upgradable, entry-level intraoral scanner.

There’s been a lot of excitement around the new scanner. The TRIOS 3 Mono video on our Facebook page has been watched a whopping 12,000 times over the last month!

If you missed the news about TRIOS 3 Mono, the newly launched intraoral scanner delivers the same documented-accuracy, insane speed and ease of use of all our TRIOS intraoral scanners but takes digital impressions without color.

It also sells at an extremely competitive price point at nearly 40% less than TRIOS 3 color models. So doctors looking to get into the digital workflow can now start with a more economical, TRIOS that boasts the same power and ease of use but at almost half the cost.

TRIOS 3 Mono includes:

  • TRIOS documented-accuracy, insane speed and ease of use
  • The widest range of indications and delivers texture and stone model scans plus HD photos
  • Doctors can offer same-day dentistry when using the optional 3Shape practice lab
  • Upgradable to a color model at any time

The last bullet above is what really makes TRIOS 3 Mono so unique. Owners can upgrade the scanner to a TRIOS 3 color model at any time.

When upgrading, it adds RealColor™ scanning, digital shade measurement and an integrated intraoral camera. The price for the upgrade is the price difference between the two scanners and a service fee.

See the TRIOS 3 Mono movie:

As a reminder, some TRIOS models may not be available in your country. Please check with your reseller for more information.

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