3Shape Dental System™ “how to” video series released

3Shape LABcare™ has released a comprehensive series of 38 training videos for 3Shape Dental System™ users.

The training video series offers an introduction and overview of Dental System™ 2015 for new users including basic workflows for design and scanning.

For more advanced Dental System™ users, the video series includes specific workflows for indications like Table-Tops, implant bars and bridges and tutorials on using new design tools and functionalities available in Dental System™ 2015 such as the Smile Composer™ and Physical Diagnostic Wax-ups.

The Dental System™ Training video series is open to anyone and can be accessed at http://academy.3shapedental.com/dentalvideos (no password is needed)

The videos can also be viewed via the Dental System Training Center included in the software.

The videos are available in English and German.

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