Clone your Dental System™ setup to another PC

Ever need to duplicate your favorite Dental System™ setup on another PC? The new Clone Option makes it real easy to configure Dental System™ on a new or secondary PC with all your libraries, materials and customized parameters intact.

The Clone Option is especially beneficial to users who:

  • have purchased a new system and want to use their current customized settings,
  • wish to install Dental System™ on another PC in order to model CAD designs while away from the lab,
  • want to duplicate their settings for another user in the same lab.

How to clone your Dental System™

In your current Dental System™:

  1. Open the Control Panel and select Tools - Export/Import.
  2. Expand the Clone system tab and press the Clone system button to export your Dental System™ settings to a file at a location you select
first panel second panel

On the target PC / new Dental System™:

  1. Run the Dental System™ installer
  2. Select Custom Upgrade
  3. Select Choose installation - Clone System

  4. Browse to select the export file you saved previously and press Continue

That's all it takes. Your new Dental System™ will have exactly the same settings as your original system.

Note: The same operating system and Dental System™ version must be installed on both PCs.

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