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TRIOS Color — astounding the industry with realistic colors

At IDS 2013, 3Shape unveiled to the market its TRIOS Color digital impression-taking solution, and invited dental-industry journalists to witness the new product in action.

Spectators taken by surprise
Since competitors had already launched color scanning many months before, the professional public was curious to see if 3Shape had created something at least as good, or a classical late runner-up. The live demonstration was performed by scanning a real person directly in the mouth - no models and no powder. As the spectators watched the screen overhead, the TRIOS Color built a highly realistic and lifelike impression with extremely natural coloration in both teeth and gingiva. As one visitor exclaimed…“The color is amazing, nearly photorealistic.”

Digital impressions in color provide clinical benefits
One may ask – Why is realistic coloring in digital impressions a good thing?  One reason is that the natural- looking colors enhance an excellent scanning experience for both dentist and patients, and make it easier to discuss and recommend treatment options. But there are other clinical advantages as well. Natural colors make it simple for the dentist to distinguish among the different types of restorative materials (metals, enamel, composite, etc.), to recognize bleeding areas, see color transitions on teeth, and easily identify margin lines due to the enhanced detail. For orthodontics, this realistic 3D image can replace the taking of intra-oral photographs.

3Shape innovation brings RealColor™ Technology
3Shape developers had been working all last year to achieve the market's best 3D color scanning capabilities and realistic color capture, and the result is called RealColor™ Technology. Now, RealColor™, in combination with 3Shapes established TRIOS Ultrafast Optical Sectioning technology, offers an unmatched high-performance color scanning solution that is very fast, very accurate, and very easy-to-use. 

3Shape continues to provide the TRIOS standard non-color solution, thus offering dentists 2 different investment choices. Both 3Shape solutions are available in TRIOS Cart or TRIOS Pod configurations.