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FAQ - 3Shape Cracked Software

Want to know more about downloading 3Shape software, and the risks involved with using unofficial versions? Get your answers below.

How to download 3Shape software?

Official 3Shape software can be purchased via our distributor and reseller network or via our webshop. Upon purchase, you will receive a dongle or a login with your 3Shape Account which allows access to the software and all the additional services you are entitled to.

How do I know if I am dealing with an official partner and software version?

It might be difficult to recognize whether the software is official or not. Usually cracked software can be identified by checking the commercial conditions of your license. You can verify if the expiry date presented matches with your contract and if the number of CAD points (Lab and Ortho Software) is exorbitantly high. Another indication for cracked software can be an unusual looking dongle number. In the official 3Shape software the dongle numbers vary between 7-9 digits.

If you're unsure whether a reseller is an official 3Shape partner, feel free to contact our 3Shape local offices for verification.

What is the risk of using cracked 3Shape software?

When you purchase through official channels, you will get access to support, training and other services to ensure your product is stable. None of this is guaranteed when you decide to use an unofficial version: you will not be able to get support if something should break, or get training to get the most out of your system, nor will you get automatic access to free updates to keep your system up to date and stable.

What are the benefits included with official 3Shape software?

When purchasing your software through official channels, you get support and training either via your reseller or directly with 3Shape. You will also get automatic prompts inviting you to install updates to the software, with new features and bug fixes to ensure your system remains stable. Also, you are guaranteed compatibility and support in resolving issues with other systems, such as your windows operating systems, and external providers.

How does a 3Shape dongle crack work?

A crack works by emulating the dongle and the local dongle software. This also means that users of cracked software install software made by a hacker, which may give them full access to the system and data.
Cracked dongles might give access to the 3Shape products for a while but you risk a shutdown of the software, unavailable online-services including AI as well as the risk of prosecution.

How does 3Shape cracked software work?

Cracked software will work on the surface as 3Shape software and you might not be able to see the difference. Underneath the surface anything from installation of bitcoin-miners, computer virus infections, ransom ware attacks and other forms of extortion based on your data may happen.

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